KIOSK Maintains ISO14001:2019 Environmental Management Certification

As a Boulder County corporation, KIOSK Information Systems (KIOSK) is set in one of the “greenest” and most environmentally conscious regions in the country.  With the recent achievement of ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management Standard Certification, KIOSK’s manufacturing processes are proven to align with these eco-friendly values in both theory and practice.

Former KIOSK COO, Dan Houck explained the reasoning for KIOSK pursuing ISO14001 Certification.  “Over the years, the eco-awareness of our teams has been sharpened by designing and building very high-profile self-service deployments in bike sharing, recycling and other solution platforms where environmental health is at the heart of the project intent.  These are among many projects that prompted us to exceed normal industry standards and invest in the full-blown ISO14001 Certification of our Environmental Management processes.  KIOSK has been ISO9001:2008 Certified for quality since 2005, and we saw real value in undergoing a stringent process audit to confirm we’re providing best in class performance on all the environmental management benchmarks tied to our business.”

In order to achieve ISO14001, auditors authenticated KIOSK recycling processes for all waste stream elements including steel, electronics, cardboard, and employee trash.  Auditors also confirm OSHA standard compliance tied to responsible disposal of all chemicals involved in manufacturing processes.

KIOSK Engineering teams further effect end-solution energy efficiency of enclosures in the field through unique design elements. Long-term power consumption demands are decreased through routine integration of high-efficiency components, alternative cooling mechanisms, and provision of off-grid solar power options.

KIOSK President Kim Kenney states, “As a leader in green self-services solutions, we continually drive both our design and manufacturing practices to ‘push the envelope’ on footprint minimization.  Defining environmentally conscious steps throughout design and now manufacturing really helps to frame the most eco-friendly solutions available.  It’s very encouraging to see the compound effect of small changes and innovations over time.”

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