On-Demand Virtual Customer Service for Self-Storage

New storage industry market dynamics are driving innovative ways to leverage automation to improve both business efficiencies and enhance the customer rental experience. Field automation for storage facilities is a prime example where storage operators are implementing self-service kiosk networks to provide customers with convenient 24 X 7 on-demand facility rentals, payment, and independent lock … Read more »

Retail Returns Extend Business Challenges

Retail consumers continue to “buy and try” with online shopping – a new norm that’s here to stay. This purchasing behavior typically involves consumers buying online a selection of similar items with the intent of returning one or two – easy and convenient. However, there’s a catch – big catch – for retail operators involving … Read more »

Good Cheer for the Approaching Returns Season

The season of giving is upon us. And, as we know from experience, the season of returning is soon to follow. But be of good cheer, because GEODIS | City Delivery and KIOSK will keep merchandise returns frictionless, safe, and profitable even in this unprecedented season for retail. This holiday it’s predicted to be the busiest in e-commerce history, showing … Read more »