Amtrak Deploys 2nd Generation of Self-Service Ticketing Kiosks


After 10 years of successful ticketing operations, Amtrak / SITA embarked on their second generation of self-serve ticketing kiosks. They sought to completely revitalize the appearance and functionality of the ticketing kiosks with high standards for:

  • ADA compliant footprint, supplemented with EZ Access Trace unit to fully serve visually impaired customers
  • Highest security possible, with full compliance to PCI Standards
  • More compact look and feel, with exceptional field reliability
  • Highly secure design
  • Easy field service access incorporated in design

The solution specifications would require a security camera, bar code and credit card readers, dual printers in a reduced footprint, encrypted pin pad, Braille and specially adapted headset/simple interface hardware for the blind.


Both first and second-generation units leverage KIOSK’s hardware design and integration expertise. SITA Inc. provides their CUSS (Common Use Self-Service) platform, augmented by their browser-based reservation and ticketing platform.

Amtrak has fully deployed 350 of their second generation kiosks and now is realizing $50 Million per month in ticket sales. Overall, the project saw a 3-month ROI, with some stations achieving ROI in just a month.

Additional benefits include:

  • Modern design, updating a major portion of Amtrak’s business infrastructure.
  • Increased percentage of tickets purchased via kiosks, dramatically reducing staffing and transaction costs.
  • Industry leading ADA compliance and security, promoting customer loyalty.
  • Secure and easily serviceable design, reducing field expenses.