Ticketmaster Will-Call and Ticketing Kiosk

Since 2004, self-service ticketing has been a part of Ticketmaster’s service strategy. With both indoor and outdoor KIOSK solutions, Ticketmaster provides will-call capability to assist venue clients with more efficient and cost effective operations, as well as improved service options for the event consumer.

Venues include theatres, concert halls, and major league sporting arenas.


  • Reduce customer wait times by offering 24/7 access to unattended ticket pick-up.
  • Better manage crowd flow during peak traffic times by providing un-manned will-call.
  • Improve customer service and box office efficiency by freeing box office staff to assist with more high demand duties, such as assigned seating or dispute resolution.
  • Maintain high anti-fraud standards with micro-printed stock and real-time barcode assignment.
  • Minimize costs by using thermal paper stock for box office and kiosk will-call ticket printing.


Kiosks help efficiently manage the peaks in traffic flow by opening the option of multiple will-call entrances with bar code ticket scan access.

New Functionality:

In 2008, Ticketmaster added new ticket sales features to their self-service offering, layering rich functionality on an already successful model. Self-service ticketing provides end customers with shorter lines and extended service hours.

Simultaneously, the kiosk model provides the venue client increased ticket sales revenue, lower staffing costs, and a cost-effective means of expanding the sales footprint.