Convenient and Cost-Effective Ordering

Recent controversy surrounding overtime and wage rate increases have prompted Retailers and Restauranteurs to more seriously evaluate adding self-service order entry platforms to address operating cost pressures.  Further, success stories with major chains are proving the concept that self-service can not only improve efficiency, but can also enhance the customer experience.  Kiosk ordering can facilitate upsell and loyalty, transforming repetitive order processes into a seamless and more profitable flow.

  • Consistent presentation of sales, promotions, and up-sell prompts combine to increase order size (on average 15-20%)
  • Labor and transaction cost savings are realized through customer-driven sales transactions

KIOSK has modernized our order entry enclosure portfolio to provide modular footprint options.  KIOSK offers pedestal, wall mount, and countertop platforms to provide greater placement flexibility within deployment locations.  Cash and EMV compliant card payment options are available to maximize automation levels and transaction security.

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Terminals / Tablets

POS Touch Screen Terminals and Tablets

Did you know Posiflex is KIOSK’s new parent company? As the ties between the two companies have grown, so have our product lines. As industry leaders in both Point-of-Sale and self-service platforms, we are expanding and “cross-pollinating” solution offerings, bringing added value to retailers and greater execution caliber.

Posiflex touch screen terminals can run virtually any Windows application to fit the transaction needs of any retailer or restaurant operator.  The product line provides value, mid-range, and maximum performance models with comprehensive feature options to achieve the ideal price / performance / power combination. 

The links here will direct you Posiflex’s site and Sales Team for expert advice on the POS line.