Ticketing Solutions

KIOSK has a deep reference list of very successful ticketing clients, largely due to our proven custom and outdoor solution design expertise. Major transportation, resort, and entertainment companies have leveraged KIOSK solutions to expand their automated sales and will-call footprint to increase revenues, reduce labor and facility costs, manage peak traffic flow, and provide customers with self-service convenience. 

We provide advanced modular platform design assets, enabling clients to “cut to the chase” on total solution implementation:

  • Standard and custom models (indoor, outdoor, thru-wall)
  • Full feature ticketing application software
  • Remote monitoring, reporting, and field service 

Deployed client applications include:

Entertainment and Sports Venues

  • Cinema: AMC, Regal, Galaxy
  • Sports: Tickets.com / Ticketmaster (Major League Baseball), Ticketreturn (Minor League Baseball)

Travel & Cruise Lines

  • Amtrak, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Las Vegas Monorail, SITA, Mexicana Airlines

Destination Resorts

  • Disney, Sea World, Six Flags

Solution Benefits

KIOSK provides a full array of standard and custom ticketing platforms to support virtually any venue ticketing transaction feature set.  Most commonly, ticketing platforms include: 

  • Initial guided sale and purchase transaction (card and cash transactions)
  • Will-call ticket delivery
  • Remotely update promotional content
  • Customer / document scanning authentication automation (travel platforms)

Self-service ticketing is among the most widely adopted and well-proven self-service applications.  Most major venues have solidly proven the ROI, and are well into advancing deployment benefits.  Reported results include:   

  • Will-call routing of event patrons, managing peak traffic flow management and crowd control safety (40 – 80%)
  • Customer queue reduction (≥ 30%)
  • Improved customer sales and convenience.  Indoor and outdoor models provide 24 x 7 availability
  • Increased promotion participation and cross-sale revenues

Additionally, kiosks at off-site locations offer increased distribution at a much lower infrastructure cost.


Check-In Kiosks

The common check-in solution objectives are added customer convenience, improved speed of service, reduced overhead for the deployers, and added security to the check-in process or transaction. 

Airline Check-in with Common-Use Self-Service (CUSS) allow multiple airlines and airports to share the same infrastructure, hardware, and platform resulting in impressive savings to the deployer. Customer processing throughout is dramatically increased, improving customer service, staffing costs, and congestion management during peak flow hours.

Major KIOSK airline client (CUSS platform) - ROI case study shows:

  • 87% improvement in customer passenger transaction time
  • 58% savings in equipment costs for shared kiosks with multiple participating airlines, eliminating redundant equipment purchase / placements
  • 49% savings in floor space requirements (on average)

Similar benefits have been realized in other KIOSK Check-in solutions.  Patient Check-in solutions can be found in the Healthcare section of this site.


Ticketing Software

Modular Application Design 

KIOSK's Application Development Team provides licensable code modules to support a complete base of ticket delivery, retrieval and transaction management requirements. It facilitates a simple user flow with fast processing, ensuring a positive self-service customer experience.

Base Ticket Application Functionality

KIOSK's Base Ticket application manages hardware controls for all key components to support ticket purchase and verification transactions. The user interface (UI) flow is client-customized.  A licensed payment processing application can also be licensed.

The library of standardized ticketing application modules supports common consumer transactions, including:

  • Guided ticket selection (UI)
  • Intelligent inventory capabilities
  • Sale, ticket print, and receipt
  • Loyalty enrollment
  • Advertising and coupon presentation
  • Complete remote monitoring
  • Backend integration and UI customizations quoted separately

Custom features are readily supported. KIOSK Software Professionals are available for consultation.