Kiosk Remote Management

KNECT IoT is a remote management software platform that provides the essential foundation for an easily managed and successful kiosk deployment.  The platform leverages the Internet of Things, enabling real-time system and component-level alerts, as well as automated IoT campaigns on what actions to take based on the nature of the alert (i.e. remote re-boot, email/text path, escalations, etc.).  Leveraging these automation features enables users to optimize uptime and maximize efficiency.

KNECT IoT facilitates live data exchanges between the deployed kiosk Client and the Cloud Server, providing real-time performance alerts of the elements that drive uptime, customer experience, and your brand reputation in the field:

  • System connectivity
  • Status of kiosk applications
  • Component performance and maintenance alert status. Components include receipt and thermal printers, card and check readers, bill acceptors / dispensers, scanners, card dispensers, and more.

Intuitive dashboard management tools simplify network setup and day-to-day management tasks including:

  • Installation and updates
  • Kiosk administration, user management and security
  • Reporting and logging

Call for a KNECT IoT platform demonstration or a quote on KIOSK turnkey active remote monitoring (managed service, where we monitor / manage for you).

KNECT IoT Remote Management

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Bill Payment Software

KIOSK’s Bill Payment software has been successfully deployed nationwide in retail locations providing electronic payment and money transfer services.

Base Bill Pay Capabilities

  • Transaction
  • Authentication
  • Licensing
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Hardware Provider Layer

Layered application functionality can be added at any time for enhanced revenue & faster ROI. Most commonly included:

Base Bill Pay Advertising Features

  • Mobile, LCD, or printable offers to enhance sales
  • Upsell / cross-sell presentation
  • Auto-scheduler for easy content distribution

Base Bill Pay provides turnkey transaction and network management functionality with customization / feature options for an efficient and secure path to market.


The Automated Retail Vending platform includes a sophisticated software set used to provide an enhanced customer experience and to optimize backend efficiency.

Engaging Sales Interface

A customized consumer user interface provides extensive guided selling and product selection information. Rich product information facilitates independent purchasing decisions, while up-sell prompts can increase average order size. The sales application provides consumers with brand selection that rivals an online ordering experience with immediate delivery from the kiosk.

  • Layered Application Functionality. Revenue enhancing applications are available from day one or can be added incrementally to the deployment.
  • Advertising & Coupon Delivery. Ad content and optional mobile / printed coupons can substantially boost sales.
  • Remote Monitoring and Wireless Communications. Remote monitoring is a standard tool enabling full visibility and management of networked equipment. Options for USB cellular and / or local network communications.

Rental Solutions

KIOSK has extensive experience in customized rental system design. Our Solutions Group has assembled a complete library of controller board and application code assets that can be customized to individual client needs. This provides a menu-driven, modular approach to rental feature inclusion. Using existing common solution assets enables clients to substantially reduce development costs and timelines.

Key features of KIOSK’s Rental Solution portfolio

  • Customized user interface (kiosk, mobile application, or both)
  • Hardware controls for rental asset access related kiosk components:

  • Payment transaction components
  • User authentication scanning components (simple barcode / QR code, or biometric)
  • RFID sensors for intelligent, real-time tracking of rental assets (check-out, return, location)
  • RFID card-based rental release access (member application option)
  • Proprietary controller board releases multiple rental bays (reduces hardware and service costs)

  • Back-end integration to retailer’s POS / reporting systems

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Ticketing Software

Modular Application Design

KIOSK’s Application Development Team provides licensable code modules to support a complete base of ticket delivery, retrieval and transaction management requirements. It facilitates a simple user flow with fast processing, ensuring a positive self-service customer experience.

Base Ticket Application Functionality

KIOSK’s Base Ticket application manages hardware controls for all key components to support ticket purchase and verification transactions. The user interface (UI) flow is client-customized. Payment processing application is also an option to license.

The library of standardized ticketing application modules supports common consumer transactions, including:

  • Guided ticket selection (UI)
  • Intelligent inventory capabilities
  • Sale, ticket print, and receipt
  • Advertising and coupon presentation
  • Complete remote monitoring
  • Backend integration and UI customizations are custom quoted

Custom features are readily supported. KIOSK Software Professionals are available for consultation.

Mobile Applications

Mobile apps can be an invaluable element in consumer adoption of a self-service platform but can’t always stand alone.  While mobile is often an ideal complement to a traditional fixed kiosk, there are still key kiosk components needed to drive “bread and butter” transactions (outside the scope of a phone / tablet):

  • Payment and Cash acceptance
  • Change / receipt disbursement
  • Rental asset release / return recognition
  • Physical card delivery (prepaid & loyalty)
  • Merchandise scans / auto delivery

Clients generally begin with the kiosk application design for any transactional “heavy lifting,” and build mobile features with supporting features to expand consumer convenience and virtual adoption. Valuable complementary mobile platform opportunities include (not all inclusive):

  • Product ordering / reservations / location services
  • Increased sales through mobile advertising
  • Upsell / cross-sell products

Our Solution Development Team can expertly pair your Kiosk UI with a sleek complementary mobile app, enabling you to capitalize on the best of both.