The Fairway model merges the attraction capability of digital signage with the full transaction capability of a kiosk, providing the best of both worlds. The 32" landscape LCD provides an inviting digital merchandising venue to spotlight your consumer application. The platform is ideal for web-based inventory expansion, customer loyalty, registration, advertising, and hospitality applications.

Retail component sets are securely enclosed behind a hinged front door panel, making service access simple and efficient. The stand-alone enclosure provides greater placement flexibility than traditional wall-mounted solutions, facilitating maximum consumer engagement and accelerated ROI.

The Fairway's minimalistic enclosure lines provide a flexible canvas for enclosure finishes and custom artwork to enhance your brand and deployment setting.

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Options & Specs

Options & Specs

Base Model Includes:

  • Durable Powder Coated Steel Enclosure
  • Premier PC Brands / Application-appropriate Model Options
  • Dual Amplified Speakers
  • 32" LCD Display
  • Touch Screen Interface

Optional Components:

  • Insert or Swipe Credit Card Reader
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Lite Receipt Printer
  • WiFi Capability

Enclosure Dimensions:

  • 54.5" High, 34" Wide, 11" Deep
  • Base Plate:  31.5" Wide, 18" Deep
  • Weight:  200 pounds

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