Hotel Self-Check-in and Service with Kiosk Systems

Semi-Outdoor and Indoor Kiosks support Hotel Staff

Improve Efficiency

Convenient Self-Check-in

Hotels more and more see demand to provide self-check-in options in addition to the classic reception desk. Customer satisfaction paired with safe built-in authentication features are mandatory in modern and flexible Hotel and Motel installations.


  • Speed-up check-in process
  • Maximize health protection
  • Virtual concierge reduce hotel staff interaction
  • Guest friendly late night check-in
  • Reduce service time at check-in procedure
  • Digital Signage combination for quick ROI


POS Touch Screen Terminals and Tablets

Since the Posiflex acquisition of KIOSK in 2016, the ties between the two companies have grown, and so have our product lines. As industry leaders in both point-of-sale and self-service platforms, we are expanding and cross-pollinating solution offerings, bringing added value to retailers and greater execution caliber.

Posiflex touch screen terminals can run virtually any Windows application to fit the transaction needs of any retailer or restaurant operator. The product line provides value, mid-range, and maximum performance models with comprehensive feature options to achieve the ideal price / performance / power combination.

The links here will direct you to Posiflex’s website and sales team for expert advice on the POS line.