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Rentals & Automated Retail

Locker Distribution and RFID Rental Platforms

Rental Kiosks

KIOSK has extensive experience in customized rental system design, most notably for BCycle bike sharing and Bissell Green Machine rentals. Our Solutions Group has assembled a complete library of controller board and application code assets that can be customized to individual client needs. This provides a menu-driven, modular approach to rental feature inclusion. Using existing common solution assets enables clients to substantially reduce development costs and timelines.

Key features of KIOSK’s Rental Solution portfolio include:

  • Customized user interface (kiosk, mobile application, or both)
  • Hardware controls for rental asset access related kiosk components:

  • Payment transaction components
  • User authentication scanning components (simple barcode / QR code, or biometric)
  • RFID sensors for intelligent, real-time tracking of rental assets (check-out, return, location)
  • RFID card-based rental release access (member application option)
  • Proprietary controller board releases multiple rental bays (reduces hardware and service costs)

  • Back-end integration to retailer’s POS / reporting systems

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Bike Share Kiosks

BCycle and KIOSK have worked together to build the Top U.S. Bike Share program. Since the first deployment in 2010 (Denver, CO), KIOSK has installed BCycle docks for:

  • 40+ cities
  • 2 continents
  • 500+ stations
  • 2.6+ million rides

The bike share platform is reliable and convenient, improving the culture of public transportation. The flexible rental and docking stations can be configured to accommodate city infrastructure while promoting healthy, green transportation. Solution features include:

  • Solar – powered panels
  • EMV-compliant payment options
  • RFID for bike tracking
  • Easy release locking mechanisms
  • Large displays for advertisement space

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Automated Retail Vending Kiosks

Locker Based Vending

KIOSK can adapt our standard locker platforms for retail distribution, providing a simpler distribution venue than traditional vending machines. Windowed door panels can be added to enable consumers to view product, or intentionally omitted for secure delivery of shrink-prone items (electronics, games, etc.). Locker-based retail delivery has distinct advantages over traditional coil or electronic vending delivery in that there are far fewer size and weight limitations. Door sizes are modular and configurable to accommodate a wide variety of product size distribution needs. Columns can be added on in the field, providing simple platform growth.

Custom Vending

KIOSK has extensive mechanical, electrical, and robotic Engineering experience to create highly sophisticated and specialized automated retail platforms. These solutions are very custom in nature, as opposed to an off-the-shelf adaptation. Further, we have a robust and seasoned team of software developers capable of creating the custom user applications for any self-service retail delivery flow.

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