Factory Support

KIOSK has created modular, flexible service plans, proven to support the most demanding Service Level Agreements in the industry.

The vast majority of incoming problems can be resolved in real time, utilizing remote management tools or phone diagnostics.  Customers can also provide the serial number from the unit exterior for immediate / automated records of every component, warranty record, and service terms tied to the enclosure.  One of two resolutions will occur on a support contract call:

  • KIOSK-managed remote error message / diagnostic / resolution 
  • Customer call-in diagnostic / resolution – KIOSK Representatives diagnose incoming issues; ship stocked spare replacement parts, and dispatch a field technician to site (overnight, when contracted).

KIOSK Customer Service Experts (hardware and software) are available from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, MST.  We can readily provide 24-7 support quotes for mission-critical applications. 


Flexible Warranty Plans

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership is the underlying objective of KIOSK’s Extended Warranty Plan options.  While KIOSK uses only the highest quality components, extended warranty is a reasonably priced option we encourage our customers to purchase.  It provides an added level of field insurance, ensuring conservative parts stocking and the best service resolution times available.  

Standard One-year Warranty

  • The standard one-year warranty is included with purchase and includes one year replacement / repair coverage on all parts and enclosure elements.  Warranty does not include spare parts stocking.  Replacement parts are subject to manufacturer lead times.

Three Year Advanced Exchange Warranty

  • Advanced Exchange Warranty provides for KIOSK-stocked spare parts and overnight shipment to the deployment site.  “Hot swap” arrangements ensure the replacement part is dispatched immediately, cutting field downtime to the absolute minimum.  

Warranty plans can be purchased individually or paired with a Field Service Technician plan.  KIOSK’s Sales Representatives can provide you with full details and quotes of available service options.


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Site Preparation and Installation

Seasoned KIOSK professionals are trained to anticipate and resolve all your installation concerns, greatly simplifying your transition into field deployment. Turnkey site preparation, installation, and logistics management services for your project include:

Pre-installation Site Surveys

  • These surveys provide a methodical location review ensuring all utility, placement, and logistical factors are addressed prior to equipment arrival. This process step eliminates costly delays during the installation process.

Site Preparation Services

  • Includes onsite installation of needed items such as electrical, connectivity, and custom mounting brackets for the kiosk.

Turnkey Installation

  • Turnkey installation from KIOSK ensures the quickest and easiest project start-up for both indoor and complex outdoor services.

For larger deployments, KIOSK can provide custom deployment services to help stage, schedule, coordinate, and track deployment steps from start to finish.

Field Service

Onsite Field Services

KIOSK offers flexible service plans, with a proven track record of supporting stringent Service Level Agreements (designed for “mission-critical” deployments in retail and financial services).

KIOSK Field Service contracts support single-visit resolution, meaning the Field Technician arrives with a replacement part in-hand. Parts ship the same day of the service call,* eliminating the customer expense and inconvenience of two visits. The two service options that have proven to be the most effective are:

Same day diagnostics, 24 Hour Technician Response (M – F):

  • A KIOSK Factory Service Representative provides same-day support and kiosk diagnostics. If needed, a KIOSK Field Technician arrives with the replacement part to complete the repair, typically within 24 hours (best overnight shipping utilized).

Same day diagnostics, 24 Hour Technician Response (7 days a week):

  • This plan provides same-day diagnostic response from a Factory Service Representative, Monday through Sunday.  If needed, a KIOSK Field Technician and parts may be scheduled on weekends. Saturday shipments are available (customer’s additional expense / discretion).

Charge per hour arrangements provide access to KIOSK’s service team on an “as needed basis,” and does not require a contract.

*KIOSK Representatives can provide full Service Plan terms and options.  For a consultation or quote, contact us.


Complete OEM Services

KIOSK’s proven experience in custom solution design and cost-effective hardware manufacturing has positioned us as the preferred OEM contractor for many of the leading technology companies entering the self-service arena. 

We realize that every kiosk project starts with prototyping and a series of small manufacturing runs - those small runs that most manufacturers would rather not take on. KIOSK’s specialized OEM services provide competitive and responsive manufacturing that caters to both ends of the volume spectrum on a daily basis.

OEM Solution Design and Manufacturing represents the lion’s share of KIOSK’s business, and has led to a complete line of turnkey project services – all under one roof.  Pick and choose only what you need from the OEM Services below.

Complete OEM Services:

  • Engineering Design (enclosures, custom controller boards)
  • Application Development
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Consulting & Program Management
  • Site Prep and Install
  • Integration & Testing
  • Field Service & Support
Program Management

Program Management

As new projects are launched, multiple teams within KIOSK surround the project on parallel solution execution tracks.   KIOSK’s Program Managers assume the role of coordinating project communications and development efforts among team members, and act as the centralized voice to the customer.  

KIOSK Program Managers interact with Software and Hardware Solution Design / Engineering Teams, Purchasing, Manufacturing, QA, and Field Services. 

Key roles include:

  • Assimilate project inputs from multiple stakeholders
  • Contribute to service design, SOW and scope documentation
  • Participate in bill of materials (BOM) specification and internal production release 
  • Create and manage schedules (hardware and software)
  • Test phase planning, issue resolution
  • Ongoing Quality Assurance 
  • Manage staging, shipping, installation phases of soft launch and full deployment

KIOSK PMs have very specialized industry knowledge to manage project communications; keeping team members “flying tightly in formation,” and ensure project success.  

KIOSK’s Program Managers consistently provide proactive communications and solid technical expertise on our projects.  Their leadership has contributed directly to our deployment success.

Dr. Travis Coldwell
Alutiiq Senior Director of Operations

Technical Services Division
Alutiiq, LLC®

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WIreless Services

Wireless functionality is becoming increasingly popular, providing clients with the ultimate placement flexibility.  By eliminating the commitment and expense of hard-wiring equipment, Deployers can experiment to find the ideal "sweet spot" for maximum traffic and return.

KIOSK is partnered with best-in-class communications experts for the self-service sector, enabling customers to offload 100% of the communication logistics and back-end support requirements. Turnkey wireless deployment support services available through KIOSK include:

  • Site Survey for Connectivity
  • Carrier contract and order management
  • Network & equipment sourcing, activations managed installation
  • Management and J.I.T. fulfillment
  • 24 X 7 X 365 Help Desk support
  • Router configuration (3G, 4G)
  • Break / Fix Maintenance
  • Mobile broadband card activation & provisioning
  • Reporting and training