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KIOSK Information Systems
A row of bikes at bike rental station

Outdoor Kiosks

Kiosks designed to withstand the elements.

The Expanse Series outdoor kiosk. A vertical screen inside of steel housing painted white. The KIOSK Information Systems logo is above the screen.

Outdoor Kiosk Overview

KIOSK Information Systems has designed and manufactured hundreds of the most widely recognized outdoor self-service solutions in package delivery, transportation, entertainment, theatres, amusement parks, stadiums, and resorts. Many successful deployments have leveraged KIOSK’s niche outdoor expertise to provide attractive, functional designs that are both durable and corrosion-resistant with proper placement and care. Over the past 25+ years, KIOSK has developed specific outdoor standards, including:

  • Corrosion Management
  • Thermal Management
  • Water and Dust Intrusion Management

For all outdoor projects, KIOSK’s best practices recommendation is for platforms to undergo weather resistance testing. Contracted external unit testing services through KIOSK’s established partners assess the degree of exposure to the elements the kiosks need to withstand. Typical protocols include extreme hot and cold temperatures and water intrusion testing that evaluate the unit’s ability to withstand exposure to relevant conditions.

A credit card is being inserted into an outdoor kiosk to pay for parking.

KIOSK Standard Outdoor Specifications

KIOSK sources outdoor-rated components to ensure desired outdoor performance and reliability at the best possible price point (not over or under-engineered). Standard features customers expect with an outdoor kiosk solution include:
Stainless Steel Structure

  • Light Paint Color Powder Coat Finish
  • IP53 Rating
  • Grounding Protection
  • Integrated Sealing Process
  • Compression Lock System
  • OEM High Temp PC
  • High Brite Monitor Display
  • Projective Capacitive Multi-Touch Technology
  • Low Profile Cooling System
  • Internal Heating
  • 110 to 240 Power Options

KIOSK’s proven outdoor design is exemplified in ticketing, outdoor recycling, airline and cruise line check-in, bill payment, self-storage, and bike sharing deployments. KIOSK’s internal engineering team has supported customers implementing successful outdoor solutions since 1993 and look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise in designing your next outdoor kiosk project.

Seamless Transactions Anywhere, Any Time

Meet your customers where they are at stadiums, self-storage spaces, malls, and other outdoor venues. When you invest in outdoor kiosks, you’re offering customers ease and convenience paired with advanced technology. KIOSK can help you ensure seamless customer transactions when and where they need them most.
When you choose KIOSK, outdoor customer service has never been easier. Here’s why:

User-Friendly Design

Kiosks make it easy for customers to get what they need. Our outdoor touch screen kiosk features an intuitive and simple interface and multi-touch technology, allowing customers to access information quickly and easily. KIOSK engineers have a deep knowledge of design for ADA compliance, and are able to create accessible products.

Better Customer Experience

Thanks to intuitive design and comprehensive capabilities, outdoor interactive kiosks offer a great experience for customers. Customers can easily access information and take advantage of accessibility features that make their visit more enjoyable.

Customer Convenience

Don’t make your customers search for your kiosks. Place your outdoor kiosks in high-traffic areas for ultimate customer convenience. Thanks to our High Brite monitor display and sleek design, people won’t miss it — even in crowded city streets or public events.


Leave expensive manual processes behind. Automated outdoor kiosks can help your business save money and time. Kiosks streamline operations, making processes easier for staff and customers.


Our outdoor digital kiosks are built to withstand harsh outdoor environments, providing reliable service in any weather conditions. Specifically designed with durable materials and a powder coat finish for outdoor use, our kiosks are designed to resist corrosion, extreme temperatures, water, and dust.
To learn more about our outdoor digital kiosks, contact our sales team today.

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