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KIOSK Information Systems

Kiosk Software Products and Development

Expert in-house Software Engineers skilled in self-service UI application development, and hardware component / API integrations.

Kiosk programming

Software Solutions Overview

Kiosk programming involves developing tailored software for interactive kiosk systems, including user interfaces, payment integration, data management, and ensuring a seamless user experience.

KIOSK has a full team of in-house developers with niche expertise in kiosk computer software. The team can provide turnkey services in personalized software and UI design, including tailored modular code base for common user flows, as well as software licensing for the Hardware Integration Module (HIM), and our proprietary remote monitoring platform, KNECT IoT ®.

Application Development

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Application Development Overview​

Customer -Tailored Application Development

KIOSK is proud to have authored a diverse portfolio of kiosk machine software for many nationwide deployments. While some solutions are fully custom, KIOSK does have a library of modular code blocks that can be utilized in multiple applications (i.e. payment processing, account lookup, inventory, etc.), providing timeline efficiencies.

Further, each new client brings their unique set of kiosk component requirements that are incrementally added to KIOSK’s Application Program Interface (API) library. Having market-ready machine-readable APIs can reduce both development time and expense by about 50%, providing an efficient path to market. These API assets are regularly leveraged in new customer development work performed by KIOSK or licensed to clients doing their own custom application development in house.

Leveraging KIOSK’s Team for software development provides applied expertise in ADA compliance of the user interface. By including best practices for hardware and software accessibility, clients can ensure the complete solution is user friendly to all customers, including those with disabilities.

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SRS Workshop

Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) Workshop

As part of the Discovery Phase, KIOSK leverages an established requirements questionnaire, not only for the software requirements but also for overall platform objectives, environment, and hardware specifics to ensure all the right questions are considered before diving into full solution development.

Using the requirements documentation as a base, KIOSK routinely conducts customer Software Requirements Specification (SRS) workshops to facilitate an accurate price and timeline quote. Typically, customers work with KIOSK’s Sales and Development teams to define functionality requirements, customer API integrations, intended screen workflows, and any development and testing bench kit hardware needed at KIOSK as well as at the customer site.

Once the SRS is complete, KIOSK provides an accompanying Statement of Work for final client contract phases. A well-written SRS is a key precursor to a well-executed software platform, laying the foundation for accurate quoting (time, labor) as well as validation of the final product.

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Development Team and Methodology

Our Development Team and Methodology

KIOSK utilizes AGILE development methods to ensure customers are provided with sprint reviews on a regular cadence of the progressing software development. With SRS requirements completed, KIOSK assembles a dedicated Development Team to execute the software requirements. Each client is assigned the following resources:

The Project Manager/Scrum Master develops the timeline and deliverables owed.

Development Operations Personnel ensure software is accurately configured and deployed to production. Then, Quality Assurance Engineers create and execute test plans, identify deficiencies, and build a release package.

Product Owners lead the development team and ensure that work is illustrated, tested, and approved after each two-week sprint.

Software Architects / Senior Engineers research new standards and frameworks to enhance the development and code base. Then, Software Engineers write quality code to execute upon SRS deliverables.

Software Solutions

KIOSK KNECT ® Hardware Integration Module (HIM)

As more organizations leverage kiosk technology as part of their digital customer experience transformation, the need for system and component-level data performance becomes increasingly important as honest metrics in the overall self-service customer experience. Kiosk application developers need flexible tools to quickly build a comprehensive solution capable of providing both system and component-level alert intelligence to optimize deployment uptime and performance. To provide developers quick integration of software with hardware and reduced time to market, KIOSK offers a licensable Hardware Integration API library with easy-to-use, well-defined abstraction layer development assets.

Benefits of KNECT ® HIM License

The HIM license accelerates interoperability and application development via a simplified higher-level abstraction layer. With the license, users can:

  • Gain access to a growing library of APIs supporting 40+ kiosk components.
  • Eliminate the need to manage and maintain individual component drivers and SDKs, thereby streamlining development efforts and time to market.
  • Access technical API documentation that provides turnkey code, methods, and best practices used to gain component functionality insights.
  • Leverage a comprehensive hardware integration component test suite, including code examples to simplify development.

Screenshot of Kiosk screen, showcasing users how to pay their bill or refill their device. Gives accoutn summary with current, minimum and past due balances with ability to enter amount.

Bill Payment Software

KIOSK’s proven Bill Payment software has been successfully adapted to streamline repeat payment transactions. Deployed nationwide, it has enabled retailers and storage rental facilities to increase sales staff efficiencies and facilitate a seamless customer experience.

Base Bill Pay Capabilities


  • Transaction
  • Authentication
  • Licensing
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Hardware Integration Module



Business / Deployer Benefits


  • Cost effective delivery of repetitive transactions
  • Lower staffing / overhead costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction (inclusive of underbanked customers)
  • Secure EMV / PCI DSS compliant transactions

In addition to the business benefits, customers enjoy greater payment flexibility, multilingual user interface, real-time confirmation for last-minute payments, and faster service.

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KIOSK Remote and Dashboard Management

KNECT IoT ® is a remote management software platform that provides the essential foundation for an easily managed and successful kiosk deployment. The platform leverages the Internet of Things, enabling real-time system and component-level alerts, as well as automated IoT campaigns on what actions to take based on the nature of the alert (i.e. remote re-boot, email/text path, escalations, etc.). Leveraging these automation features enables users to optimize uptime and maximize efficiency. Intuitive dashboard management tools simplify network setup and day-to-day management tasks including installation and updates, Kiosk administration, user management and security, reporting and logging.

Remote Management Brochure

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Benefits of KNECT IoT ®

KNECT IoT facilitates live data exchanges between the deployed kiosk Client and the Cloud Server, providing real-time performance alerts of the elements that drive uptime, customer experience, and your brand reputation in the field:

  • System connectivity
  • Status of kiosk applications
  • Component performance and maintenance alert status. Components include receipt and thermal printers, card and check readers, bill acceptors / dispensers, scanners, card dispensers, and more.

Software Solutions Downloads

KNECT IoT ® Brochure

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KIOSK Bill Payment Brochure

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