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KIOSK Information Systems

Supplier Partners

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Supplier Partner Overview

Supplier Partners and KIOSK work together to maintain a reputation for manufacturing reliable, high-quality products and services with verified components, value-added services, and technical expertise.

A product supplier provides critical materials, components or services that support strategic growth and an expanded customer base. KIOSK Supplier Partners have an opportunity to participate in the KIOSK Hardware Component Verification Program to deliver market-ready products that reduce development and production timelines.

Hardware Component Verification Program

  • KIOSK engages in specialized training and testing to facilitate seamless component functionality within the hardware and full compatibility with integrated software packages to maximize the intended for the lifetime of the component. 
  • To obtain KIOSK verification, components are tested using industry-standard protocols to measure the necessary quality and safety requirements. During the KIOSK compliance verification process, hardware structure and integrated components are tested for consistency and reliability. When necessary, the verification process involves KIOSK’s network of third-party certification partners.
  • KIOSK’s verification process confirms that components made by different manufacturers are standardized and compatible with each other as indicated in each individual self-service solution.

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