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KIOSK Information Systems
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KIOSK Partner Program

Developing self-service solutions with partners to drive innovation, scalability, and reliable quality.

Partner Program Overview

Market dynamics are rapidly evolving, with customers demanding more specialized self-service technology solutions to enable next-gen innovation and elevate the customer experience. This digital evolution can be complex and involves components from several providers to create the whole solution. We get it, and in fact embrace it with the KIOSK Partner Program.

Partner Program
Partner Benefits

Partner benefits include:

We invite you to learn about our partner ecosystem and the program that avails you access to industry-leading self-service solutions including digital kiosk technology, cutting edge hardware engineering, software integration, and managed services for the personal touch. Our reach is global, and our focus is on the customer. Join us.

  • Mutually beneficial partner plan
  • Dedicated partner team for channel management support
  • Demo units
  • Deal registration
  • Collaborative go-to-market strategy
  • Teaming agreements with RFPs
  • Partner discounts

Learn More About the KIOSK Partner Program

Channel Partner Program Guide

Partner Program

KIOSK Recognized by CSG for Outstanding Partner Support of Digital Transformation Efforts

Partner Program

“Our partner program is a top priority – from recruiting to co-developing our joint go-to-market strategy and driving mutually beneficial market demand. And at the center is the customer where we come together to solve complex market problems with a whole solution.”

Kim Kenney, President, KIOSK Information Systems

Interested in Joining the KIOSK Partner Program?