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KIOSK Information Systems
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KIOSK Support Services

Comprehensive services to maximize uptime

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KIOSK Support Services for Hardware & OS

KIOSK has curated a selection of Support Services to manage and optimize field performance over the full life cycle of a deployment. Service groupings include hardware / field support services and operating system (OS) management, each paired with KIOSK-led remote monitoring and real-time IoT alerting (system, application, and component statuses).

Through KIOSK’s Support Services team of experts, clients are covered every step of the way from site survey and installation, deployment, and ongoing hardware, software, and OS support. Support Service packages include access to KIOSK in-house technical talent to troubleshoot failures and manage dispatching of on-site repair and maintenance technicians.

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KIOSK Technician Support

In-house KIOSK experts facilitate troubleshooting and fast resolution

KIOSK Technicians are skilled in providing phone support to diagnose and resolve incoming service issues, whether it’s hardware, KIOSK-developed software, or OS services. Inquiries are immediately entered into an automated ticketing system to ensure accurate visibility and communications throughout the course of resolution.

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KIOSK Hardware Support Service

Guaranteed Hardware Uptime

Hardware Support Services is the main support layer of services needed to optimize field performance and guaranteed hardware uptime. These are KIOSK-recommended services resolving hardware support demands shared by all deployers.
Clients are provided with:

  • KIOSK-led Proactive Remote Monitoring and Alerts
  • Advanced Exchange Warranty and Spare Parts Stocking
  • Complete Field Services
  • Standard Monthly Reporting
  • Real-time fleet performance dashboard
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KIOSK Support Services
KIOSK OS Support Service

Full Range of Monitoring, Security, and Reporting Services

The operating system plays the most important role in the full functionality of every kiosk. Operating System (OS) Support Service is the premium layer of KIOSK Support Services and provides a stable and secure operating environment for the kiosk’s application software to ensure the highest level of functionality.
Clients who opt into KIOSK’S Operating System Support Service are set up with factory-led:

  • Initial Kiosk Deployment Image Generation, Loading, and Testing
  • Ongoing Deployment Image Management
  • KIOSK Security Suite Tools
  • Technical Support
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Additional Hardware Support Services

Pre-Installation Site Surveys

Professional KIOSK technicians facilitate successful deployment
Seasoned KIOSK professionals are trained to anticipate and resolve all your installation concerns, greatly simplifying your transition into field deployment. Pre-installation technicians validate site readiness for system installation and provide a methodical location review ensuring all utility, placement, and logistical factors are addressed prior to equipment arrival. This step eliminates costly delays during the installation process.

Installation Services

Up and running as quickly as possible
Installation by KIOSK professionals ensures the quickest and easiest project start-up for both indoor and complex outdoor services. For larger deployments, KIOSK can provide custom deployment services to help stage, schedule, coordinate, and track deployment steps from start to finish.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular Preventative Maintenance Reduces Field Failures
Dirty equipment is the #1 reason kiosks fail in the field. Regular maintenance is a simple preventative step that reduces failure rates, extends component life, and reduces customer fees paid on false failures by 60% (on average).
Preventative Maintenance is a contracted, semi-annual or quarterly service, that ensures the units and components are cleaned, inspected, and tested regularly (frequency recommendation based on deployment environment and daily usage rates). As part of the service, KIOSK proactively schedules the technician visits to review a complete checklist of customer-specific maintenance.

KIOSK Support Services

“I have always appreciated the dedication KIOSK demonstrates in the area of security. From monthly patching to close monitoring of their security tools, KIOSK provides Cox Communications secure and safe kiosks which our customers use for purchases and payments.”

– Pamela Printup, IT Operations Manager – Cox Communications

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