Self Storage automation

Automated Self-Storage Kiosks

Self-service is convenient and provides instant access

Serving a Growing Industry

The Self-storage industry has experienced monumental growth in the past 10 years. Operators need to innovate to keep costs low and turn investment towards expansion.

Amount of rentable self-storage space in the U.S:

    • 1.9 billion square feet of storage space is in operation in the U.S. today (Self-Storage Almanac, 2021)

49,000+ storage facilities operating currently in the U.S.

    • $39.5 billion in annual industry revenue (Self-Storage Almanac, 2021)

Percentage of U.S. households that rent a self-storage unit

    • 10.6% of households currently rent a self-storage facility. That is an estimated 13.5 million households. (SSA Self Storage Demand Study, 2020)

Self Storage Revenue in Millions

Automation is Essential for Self-Storage

Self-service adds convenience and instant service to self-storage facilities. Kiosks will provide instant information and instant service.

Self-Storage Kiosk Solutions off the following features:

  • Access Control
  • Live Call Center
  • Omni-Channel Enablement
  • Security



Self-storage kiosk

Benefits of Successful Automation in Self-Storage Facilities

With keys such as access control, live call center expert help, omni-channel enablement and enhanced security monitoring, self-service operators may implement successful automation within their facilities:

Access Control

  • Granting customer access to storage units 24/7 and eliminating the need for 24-hour staffing.

Live Call Center

  • Automated expert help via scalable call answering. ClairVista is our partner for automatic video call routing, transfers, one-click access, etc.

Omni-channel Enablement

With Omni-channel self-service, your customers have the option to rent online, live chat in person through kiosk live expert help, access anytime on mobile and all at a drastic cost reduction for the storage facility

  • Omni-channel rental integrates kiosk, mobile, web site and cloud.
  • Online rentals, automated collections, mobile check-in, etc. for added engagement online, via mobile and in-person.


  • Enhanced security features enabled through kiosk remote monitoring.