Self Storage automation

Automated Self-Storage Kiosks

Self-service is convenient and provides instant access

Self-Storage Automation – Serving a Growing Industry

The Extension Series was created to provide self-storage operators an automation platform to offer 24/7 customer rental and payment services, adding convenience and extending hours for facility revenue generation. Standardized self-service platforms afford customers on-demand options for all common, repetitive transactions that are easily transacted independently. Unattended service reduces facility overhead and increases operational efficiency while adding true customer value and brand differentiation.

Further, KIOSK Information Systems’ platforms are free of ongoing Operation Fees, contributing substantially to your return on automation investment.

KIOSK has extensive experience in the self-storage industry, with proven nationwide deployment success. Our Solution Consultants can guide you on which Extension kiosk platform elements best suit your facilities’ transaction needs.

Options include:

    • Indoor or outdoor platforms
    • Freestanding or wall-mounted
    • Lock dispensing
    • Download the brochure for a full list of configurations and options.

All platforms are ADA compliant*

With KIOSK, storage companies have complete flexibility when defining the customer-facing application. Our Software Development Group has proven success developing storage applications using existing modular code assets. Alternately, your team can leverage KIOSK’s Hardware Integration Module (HIM) Library, which provides component Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), to cut development time and expense by ~50%.


Self storage kiosks



Benefits of the Extension Series Kiosk for Self-Storage Facilities

Reduces facility overhead and increases operational efficiency while adding true customer value and brand differentiation.


The Extension Series solution set can be combined with KIOSK Services, which provide turnkey site survey, installation, spare parts stocking & warranty, and field technician services. Equally important service elements include advanced managed services including payment security management and KIOSK-led proactive remote monitoring. Our IT professionals receive and act on real-time alerts tied to system connectivity, software functionality, and component-level health and functionality. KIOSK services provide a 98.5% uptime SLA, ensuring your facility is fully operational day and night.