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KIOSK Information Systems
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Channel Partners

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Channel Partners Overview

Channel Partners work together with the KIOSK team to outline the appropriate go-to-market strategy, based on their preferred partner sales methodology.

Whether partners closely collaborate with their KIOSK sales representative or take the lead to drive each business opportunity, the Partner Program is focused on delivering robust solutions that offer competitive industry-leading products that meet customer demands.

With expanded product portfolios, combined expertise in multiple verticals, and extended sales teams, our partners help extend the reach and availability of self-service products to the broader market.

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Channel Reseller

Channel Reseller Partners work together with the KIOSK team to outline the appropriate go-to-market strategy and align on benefits that meet sales goals. Both teams collaborate to deliver robust solutions that offer competitive industry-leading products and boost customer loyalty. KOISK’s Partner Program is designed to recognize and reward Reseller Partners according to the level of quality and investment they put forth in driving opportunities and growing shared revenue.

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Referral Partner

Referral Partners who expand awareness and interest in KIOSK hardware solutions, feeding viable opportunities into the pipeline, are eligible for revenue share consideration. The KIOSK Partner Program provides commission based on the Referral Partner’s level of involvement in the sales enablement process and the quality of the deals. Referral Partners who continue to fill the KIOSK pipeline are offered flexible reward options that grow with the partnership.

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Distribution Partner

KIOSK’s Distribution Partners diversify their product lines and increase revenue with our turnkey standard self-service solutions. Utilizing KIOSK’s industry-leading experience and market expansion opportunities, Distribution partners can enhance their brand’s credibility and reputation. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business benefit from adding KIOSK automated self-service solutions to their product portfolio. KIOSK’s Managed Services packages allow Distribution partners to provide post-deployment support to their clients and offers a robust, full-service product lineup.

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