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KIOSK Information Systems
woman and son using zoomaroo stroller kiosk in mall

Custom Kiosk Design

Deepest Portfolio of Custom Kiosks in the Industry

Airport lobby, showcasing checkin kiosk and baggage drop-off

Custom Design Overview

With over 28 years dedicated to customized design and integration, KIOSK has earned the reputation as The World’s Leader in Custom Design. We have an outstanding Engineering Team including Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineers, and Safety / Compliance Engineering, who have crafted highly custom platforms for Fortune 100 clients. To accommodate the complexity of these custom projects, we’ve steadily expanded Technical Teams to surround every key project aspect with parallel Development and Project Management experts, greatly simplifying and accelerating our customer’s path to market.

Custom Design Considerations

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Design Experience

For over 28 years, our capabilities have been exercised and proven across 17+ vertical markets, building an unparalleled experience base for our customers to tap into.

The unique appeal of working with KIOSK for kiosk designing is two-fold:

  • Agile and unrestrained solution design, completely eliminating “One Size Fits All” constraints.
  • “A-Game” Team Members orchestrating all project development tracks – with the unique benefit of being together under one roof:

Solution Teams Include:

  • Custom enclosure and software design
  • Expert integration and in-house manufacturing
  • Advanced Program Management over product life cycle
  • Remote Management and field support

While most clients have general kiosk design ideas and preferences, there is no need to know how to design a kiosk. KIOSK professionals will consult with you on how to build your own kiosk elements into a design that meets your aesthetic and functional needs. Further, we can recommend components and features that help you meet the intended custom kiosk functionality and price range for hardware and related support services. In short, we’ll make it easy for your company to hit your custom mark.

A Clear security kiosk

Custom Component Integration

KIOSK can accommodate component-heavy transaction requirements

KIOSK’s dominant market share in custom design ties directly to our proven ability to integrate virtually any combination of the latest self-service component technology (indoor and outdoor).
We’re the manufacturer for client solutions in multifunction financial services, airport security, and rental platforms – commonly requiring integration of 15 – 20+ distinct peripherals. More typically, KIOSK serves clients needing a “somewhat custom” creative design, with just a few unique accessories or components economically integrated into a standard style kiosk.

Integration capabilities include:

  • Extensive Biometric components including facial recognition and thermal sensing cameras, iris / fingerprint / palm vein scanning
  • Document scanning including passports and visas, drivers licenses, checks, etc.
  • Receipt, ticket, card, laser, and photo printing capability
  • Currency acceptors, dispensers, and recyclers (cash and coin)
  • Wi-fi, Bluetooth / Infrared, RFID Contactless
  • HVAC and Solar components for outdoor and off-grid solutions

This is simply a sampling of custom component integrations. If you don’t see it listed, just ask – most anything is possible.

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