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Government & Inmate Kiosk Systems

KIOSK Government Platforms include DMV Kiosks, University Kiosks & Correction Facility Kiosks

Inmate Kiosks

Inmate kiosk systems are a dominant niche solution at KIOSK Information Systems. As the provider for the vast majority of Corrections VARs, we have a deep deployment portfolio of solutions to manage inmate financial services, commissary purchases, fine payments, video visitation systems, and probation check-in kiosks.

Inmate Financial Services

Among the most widely deployed solutions is the Swanson’s Cobra Cashier, installed in over 225 jails and prisons (coupled with over 600 inmate wall mount kiosks). This prison kiosk provides several key benefits to the Correction Institutions:

  • Automates secure banking transactions
  • Enables staffing to be re-assigned over time to enhance alternate facility functions
  • Increases revenue through commissary sales
  • Facilitates debt collection efforts

Inmate Video Visitation

With the obvious financial benefit of self-service inmate video visitation, they are quickly becoming commonplace within correction facilities. Visitation Systems are routinely incorporated in new facility designs to:

  • Cut Visitation facility staffing demands by reducing the movement of inmates and visitor traffic (visits can originate onsite / remote center / home)
  • Provide a potential revenue generating platform
  • Reduce construction and operations costs
  • Allow offender connect kiosks to give inmates increased visits without increasing overhead

Kiosk Market Solutions Inmate Kiosk

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Department of Motor Vehicles Kiosk

With successful deployments in Maryland, Washington and Utah, KIOSK’s custom solutions are used to automate virtually any Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) transaction need. Self-service transactions can dramatically reduce both staffing costs and customer wait times (very key metrics to any DMV).

KIOSK offers a full complement of standard and custom platforms with varied functionality. ARINC’s custom KIOSK solution offers turnkey applications for complete automation (kiosk, web, and mobile), with the following features:

  • Vehicle registration renewal
  • Temporary registration
  • New and personalized license plate orders
  • Replacements titles and registrations
  • Citation payments

Platforms can accept both card and cash payments, providing services to both banked and cash-preferred residents (multilingual interface and change return options).

Flexible payment / ownership options improve access for any DMV to realize the bottom line cost savings benefit of a motor vehicle kiosk strategy. Managed Fee for Service arrangements can facilitate automation by virtually eliminating up-front investment.

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Local Government Kiosk

KIOSK has worked with multiple city / municipal offices providing turnkey self-service kiosk platforms that automate self-service bill payment transactions. Applications with flexible payment options – including cash – coupled with multiple language capability, expand the convenience of kiosks to a wider range of banked and unbanked customers. Users can easily pay routine bills conveniently and quickly using the self-serve option, reducing customer wait times and improving staff efficiencies. Multi-biller options are included in the solution, accelerating ROI.

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Other Local Government Solutions Include

  • Library Automation
  • Tourism Information
  • State Registrar Self-Service
  • Court Scheduling Automation
  • Local Licensing Services (pets, hunting, permits, etc.)

KIOSK has literally hundreds of State and Local Government solutions deployed. Contact us to discuss your specific application needs.

University Kiosk

KIOSK clients in the education market range from large universities like Princeton, Vanderbilt, and University of Michigan to a host of private and community colleges. Universities everywhere are realizing the cost savings benefits of kiosks for:

  • Automated registration
  • Financial aid information
  • Course catalogs
  • Directories & wayfinding
  • Academic & athletic event calendars
  • Student ID validation

University clients have great opportunities for layering web-based applications which can significantly relieve staffing budgets and assist with campus flow during spiked demand cycles (registration, parent weekends, athletic events, etc.).

GSA Kiosk

While KIOSK has directly provided many self-service solutions for Federal Government branches, including large deployments with the United States Postal Service and The Department of Homeland Security, there are specific Federal projects that fall within GSA Schedule requirements.

KIOSK’s long-term preferred solution partner for GSA clients is DynaTouch Informed Technologies. With more than 500 successful projects and kiosk systems at nearly 75% of all U.S. military installations worldwide, DynaTouch has long been the leading supplier of point-of-information kiosks to the Department of Defense.

Their TIPS kiosks and software solution packages satisfy a wide spectrum of information distribution applications for government, commercial and medical customers.