SnowGate Introduces Self-Service Lockers for Gear and Board Equipment

Louisville, CO – The days of an easy “five finger discount” on unattended ski and boarding gear may soon be coming to an end. While resorts have long supplied daily lockers for gloves, helmets, and the like – the sea of skis, poles, and boards have remained vulnerable to deliberate theft and common mistaken identity.

The founders of SnowGate Locker System turned their missing gear into a lucrative business opportunity. The Boulder-based entrepreneurs took their concept for an intelligent outdoor gear locker system just down the road to KIOSK Information Systems (KIOSK), soliciting the expertise of the World’s Leader in Custom Self-Service Solutions. Within a few short months, SnowGate had a simple, yet technically advanced RFID locker rental platform with a fully customized kiosk rental application.

Users initially access the lockers through a touch-screen LCD user interface where the credit card rental transaction is conducted. The payment releases a two-part locker system:

  • One spacious traditional locker is provided for helmets, shoes, and comparable loose gear.
  • The second is a vertical mount locked slot where boards, skis, and poles slide in.

Users are provided tandem access to the storage areas off their single payment transaction. In and out access is granted with a re-swipe of the original credit card. Frequent users can utilize an RFID member card, which provides a fast and convenient way to bypass the payment system at the resort. KIOSK Product Development Director, Rick Malone, added that “RFID access in this type of locker solution is a very convenient access feature for repeat users. By simply tapping a button on the outside of the locker, the RFID antenna is activated. The user then positions their SnowGate card over the antenna and the locker is released. It’s a different adaptation of RFID technology KIOSK has included in a nationally deployed consumer bike rental solution that allows avid users even more convenience with recurrent usage. Our teams will also be designing future releases to include smart phone reservation and locker access features to the SnowGate platform. These types of added services go a long way toward building consumer loyalty.”

SnowGate CEO, Cory Finney summarized their partnership and development cycle with KIOSK as both efficient and exciting. “KIOSK’s Product Development Group provided SnowGate with the expertise and agile development needed to create a fully functional resort prototype in a very tight window. They were able to grasp our vision right out of the gate, and worked with us to optimize the design for the best possible customer experience.”

SnowGate is actively promoting their solution to all major Colorado resorts this season. With exceptional interest and affirmation from resort leaders, they expect to deploy in several major resorts by the 2013-14 snow season. Preview the SnowGate KIOSK locker solution, expertly created by and for weekend warriors.

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