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Clearwave Client Deployment Results Case Study

Hospital Lobby. Doctors, Nurses, Assistant Personnel and Patients Working and Walking in the Lobby of the Medical Facility.

Revolutionizing the Healthcare and the Patient Experience

The Clearwave patient kiosk is a self-service solution created to promote process efficiencies and profitability improvements surrounding patient check-in and insurance verification. Further, it facilitates the sharing of patient data within healthcare networks for efficient and secure records information exchange. The Clearwave solution is deployed in 28 states with specialty health providers, major clinics and hospitals. There are now more than 250 units in the field, each equipped with:

  • A Touchscreen to present an intuitive user interface
  • Built in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology
  • Insurance card scanning capabilities that automatically verify insurance when a patient checks in at a kiosk
  • Credit Card reader allows patients to pay copays and outstanding balances

The Clearwave solution meets all interoperability standards and integrates with back-end hospital information systems and practice management systems. Critical patient registration data is presented, including arrival time, demographic details, recap of benefits and payment status, allowing staff to quickly process patients and admit them to receive care.

Clearwave’s solution is unique in that it is able to be leveraged across multiple healthcare organizations. It provides a secure Patient Information Exchange, which delivers a seamless exchange of data across internal I external systems, or healthcare organizations. The benefits gained in automation from one institution can be shared / multiplied across another. Hospital networks can share patient records with outside laboratories or imaging institutions to improve the continuity of care as patients often see multiple providers. This key feature facilitates the optimal experience for the patient and physician, while substantially boosting the solution ROI for the healthcare organization.


Clearwave aimed to create a self-service solution for healthcare organizations with objectives linked to: 

  • Improved patient information sharing 
  • Enhanced patient information accuracy 
  • Patient experience standardization across multiple sub-providers 
  • Payment collections to benefit practices / hospitals cash position 


Clearwave deployed more than 250 units in 28 states with specialty health providers, major clinics and hospitals. Each deployment includes the kiosk(s) for independent patient check-in and transaction delivery. It also includes a portal for real-time staff monitoring of check-in transaction activity, including insurance coverage, address validation and payment information related to each patient experience. 


  • Patient check-in time reduced by 57% 
  • $2.5M – $3M improvement to the bottom line financials 
  • Over 30+% increase in insurance data accuracy, moving from 60% to ~95% accurate 
  • Clients have tripled their cash flow in three months or less 
  • Secure data sharing between facilities 
  • User satisfaction has risen substantially, consistently well over 80% 

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