Amidst a Hurricane, KIOSK Overcame Obstacles to Makeover Dated Bill Pay System

To answer the demand of a highly cash-based customer demographic in Puerto Rico, T-Mobile sought out a new self-service solution provider to create their next generation of retail bill payment kiosks. The replacement platform was tasked to resolve excessive customer wait times, platform reliability, and security issues tied to an aging operating system – all, … Read more »

How Important are Security Measures in Your Kiosk Project Budget?

In this digital age, an emphasis on cybersecurity should be top of mind when planning any kiosk project budget. According to the Breach Level Index, nearly five million data records are lost or stolen worldwide every single day, which equates to 58 records every second. In 2018, the US average cost of a breach was … Read more »

Budget Considerations for Self-Service Success

Every interactive kiosk project starts with similar ambitions around automating a function for a better, cooler, faster, or more cost-efficient transaction. Very typically, the project moves to a focus on the hardware and its curb appeal. While your platform aesthetics, quality, cost, and reliability are, of course, important – it’s only one element to get … Read more »