IT Distribution

IT Distribution Locker Solution

Smart lockers are becoming widely used by Information Technology and Supply Chain personnel as automated distribution solutions for equipment and supplies. Automating delivery of equipment and consumables optimizes the productivity of employees and the departments that support them.  KIOSK’s modular asset management locker platform provides an immediate, centralized, and secure source for smart repair intake and distribution of expensive equipment replacements and essential supplies that teams need to stay productive.

Modular locker software enables Solution to:

  • Securely load / unload items
  • Store Order Codes at the locker for employee pick-up
  • Notify Administrators of locker activity and inventory

KIOSK developers can customize user flows and integrate API / logic layer requirements, advancing the solution to a client-specific open system.

Standard locker configurations are flexible in design, with variable sized lockers (small, medium, large).  Further, as the solution demand grows, it’s easy to add-on columns in the field.   Dimensions of the three-column system shown:  75.3”H x 60”W x 16”D


Site-to-Store Delivery Lockers

Steep growth in online shopping continues to drive up home and store delivery demands, coupled with legitimate consumer concerns over missed or stolen packages.

The KIOSK LockSpot platform provides a simple and cost-effective path to implement self-service site-to-store delivery options.  LockSpot in-store delivery lockers enable administrators to securely and quickly load items then message (email / smart phone) customers for convenient, self-service pickup.  Customers can independently scan their bar code or enter on-screen delivery code to access the locker and collect their purchases.  Associated retailer benefits are twofold; self-service delivery options free of ongoing labor costs, and increased foot traffic right back into their store.

Representative platform configuration options may include:

  • PC
  • 19" LCD / Touchscreen
  • Bar code scanner
  • Receipt printer
  • Door controller boards

The LockSpot full solution package provides hardware, software, installation, field service and comprehensive professional support.  The modular design and configurable locker sizes can be easily expanded as your fulfillment / delivery demand grows.  Contact a KIOSK professional for solution consultation.

Custom Lockers

Custom Lockers

KIOSK has extensive experience in customized storage system design (delivery and phone-charging lockers, rentals, and hybrid solutions). We’ve assembled a complete library of common application code and controller assets that provide the foundation elements of a custom solution. In essence, KIOSK offers a menu-driven, modular approach to locker feature inclusion that substantially reduces client development costs and timelines.

Solution sophistication needs vary greatly by application – key capabilities in our self-service storage portfolio include:

  • Customized user interface (kiosk, mobile application, or both)
  • Hardware controls for door access and components
    • PIN Pad access door controls (one pad per door, or multi-door controls)
    • Payment transaction components
    • User authentication scanning components (card, barcode, QR code, biometric)
    • RFID card-based door access (membership)
  • Full back-end integration services to POS / reporting systems

Lockers adapted for vending solutions may include RFID sensors for intelligent tracking of locker contents and inventory climate control.

SnowGate Consumer Video
SnowGate Consumer Video
Phone Charging

Phone Charging Lockers

KIOSK is the OEM solution provider for a number of custom phone charging solutions actively deployed in retail stores, airports, restaurants, and event venues.  In addition to providing a highly valued consumer service, businesses recognize the revenue generating potential of a captive consumer audience during the charging process.  These specialized locker solutions are outfitted with a full complement of features enabling consumers to securely charge their phone while they go about their business.  Key features include:

  • PC, LCD, Touchscreen
  • Secure, locked charging station doors
  • Full complement of current charging cable sets 
  • Locker presence sensor technology to detect phone weight (indicates phone presence / locker availability)
  • Optional cameras and microphones for optimal on-site service resolution
  • UPS backup power supply 
  • Ad content display capability
  • Enclosure wheels options for maximum portability

KIOSK can also provide outdoor rated custom options.

RFID Lockers

RFID Lockers

RFID Release:

KIOSK's locker systems can be integrated with optional RFID Card access technology, providing returning customers with a secure and convenient retrieval alternative. Initial access is granted based on credit card payment transaction. Paid members are provided a repeat transaction card to unlock the door when positioned over the locker antennae. Members simply push the locker’s "wake up" button to activate the RFID reader; then scan their ID card over the reader.  Upon recognizing the RFID signal, the door lock mechanism is released.

Video examples demonstrating RFID Release:

  • SnowGate RFID locker door release
  • B-cycle RFID rental release (same functionality; different application)

RFID Locker Inventory:

Hybrid lockers containing consumer product for vending can be integrated with RFID Inventory Tracking. Units are equipped with an RFID antennae / product tag to track inventory type, count, and sales; facilitating the key elements of an intelligent self-service vending platform.

B-Cycle RFID Rental Video
B-Cycle RFID Rental Video

Locker Software

Modular Application Design

KIOSK's Application Development Team provides licensable code modules to support a complete base of locker delivery, retrieval and transaction management requirements.  It facilitates a simple user flow with fast processing, ensuring a positive self-service customer experience.

Standard Locker Application Functionality

KIOSK's Standard Locker application manages hardware controls for door access and components (control boards, scanner, LCD, and printer) in all delivery locker configurations.  The user interface (UI) flow has been streamlined to ensure quick processing and ease of use for your customers.

The library of standardized locker application modules supports common consumer transactions, including:

  • Package delivery via secure Administator log-in
  • Simple package pick-up process
  • Intelligent inventory capabilities to assign custom codes to specific lockers
  • Easily configurable logos, images, text and colors for Speed to Market implementations
  • Backend integration can be custom quoted – KIOSK Software Professionals are readily available for consultation.
SnowGate Consumer Video
SnowGate Consumer Video
B-cycle RFID Rental Video
B-cycle RFID Rental Video