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Planning & Justifying an HR Kiosk Deployment White Paper

Two men in a office break room, one sitting and eating lunch while reading a newspaper and the other using a human resources kiosk

Despite the exponential growth in new self-service applications over the past ten years, few market applications provide as compelling of an ROI equation as Human Resources. The case to be made is no longer about whether there is value in extending HR self-service to employees. This leg of the race is already complete for the vast majority of clients even thinking about using kiosks for an HR deployment. In fact, most have achieved years of significant quantified return from existing web-based HR systems already in place with their connected workforce.

Self-service kiosk deployment represents the opportunity to reap the same level of proven automation benefit with the disconnected employees of an organization. In manufacturing, retail, health care, government, and many other corporate environments, the percentage of employees without daily access to a computer can easily represent 40 – 50% of the company’s workforce.

Without extending the company’s web applications and content / services to 100% of the employee base, the solution is incomplete and, by definition, short of its full cost savings potential. How short? – Is the question many HR kiosk prospects are trying to isolate. This guide is intended to outline the key considerations that enable prospects to break out of the “interesting idea” phase, answer questions of profitability potential, and simplify the path to significant bottom line contributions.

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