Virtual Retail in partnership with Compunetix

Video Call Center for Retail

The latest trend among retail self-service solutions is to offer more choices and options to customers, thus providing greater opportunity for the customer service function to deliver a truly personalized experience. As increasingly tech-savvy customers demand more from retailers, enabling video chat for digital kiosks is a value-added benefit that will attract attention by:

  • Providing customers timely in-store sales assistance and technical support during busy seasons or peak traffic times
  • Enabling customers to receive a more personalized service experience
  • Providing the level of immediate, expert support required to satisfy even the most demanding customer

KIOSK, in partnership with Compunetix, provides a self-service Video Call Center (VCC) solution that can deliver this enhanced customer experience with exceptional operational and cost efficiency. VCC allows the customer to sit or stand in front of a locked-down touch screen kiosk and converse face-to-face with a remote representative while still shopping in the department. VCC’s HD video and audio quality allow for clear and crisp communication, while its transfer and routing capabilities let the kiosk representative direct the call to the right retail specialist.

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