Healthcare Experience

KIOSK is proud to be the OEM manufacturer for some of the most technologically advanced patient check-in solutions in the health care industry. 

Healthcare self-service innovators such as Allscripts and Fujitsu, Clearwave, Nova Medical, HealthAsyst, MedHost, and Interior Health have turned to KIOSK’s custom design expertise to bring new patient check-in solutions to market.

KIOSK’s ability to leverage modular design efficiency and integrate highly custom peripherals has provided these clients with exceptionally cost competitive market entry points.  

Application specific peripherals such as biometric identification, insurance card scanners, cameras, privacy screens, and payment transaction devices streamline patient and work flow, improve financial performance, ensure HIPAA privacy compliance, and provide patients with markedly improved service.

Med Serve Patient Check-in Video
Med Serve Patient Check-in Video
Clearwave Patient Info Video
Clearwave Patient Info Video

Solution Features

The Patient Check-In Kiosk adds patient convenience, allowing them to identify themselves upon arrival at the facility, view and confirm demographic and insurance information, electronically sign consent documents and make payments.

All information entered by the patient flows seamlessly to the Healthcare Organization’s (HCO) back-end system, helping reduce administrative costs for the organization and minimizing the risk of error.

Patient-facing Kiosk Functions

  • Appointment check-in
  • Secure patient identification
  • Real time demographics verification
  • Real time eligibility check
  • Consent form viewing and e-signature
  • Outstanding balance and co-pay collection
  • Alert notification
  • Facility directions
  • Prescription refill ordering

Healthcare Kiosk Management Tools

  • View currently checked-in patients
  • Manage configuration and workflow
  • View kiosk usage statistics
  • Customizable user interface
  • Define rules based workflow
  • Integrated Multimedia Screensaver


Automated patient check-in provides several direct benefits to patients as well as the health care providers, simultaneously improving service and reducing costs.

HCO Efficiency Benefits:

  • Save significant hours of Staff Time per day thus improving bottom line
  • Reduce administrative paperwork
  • Improve revenue cycle visibility and management
  • Better control on Patient Queue management
  • Fully secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Enhanced communications efficiency and quality of care

Patient Satisfaction Benefits:

  • Reduced wait time
  • Accommodate diverse patient population with multi-language capabilities
  • Easy to Use touch Screen technology
  • Improvement in Patient Privacy
  • Improved Quality of Care
Vendor Check-in

Vendor Check-in

The Vendor Check-in Kiosk allows representatives to check-in and self-badge prior to entering a healthcare facility.  KIOSK's turnkey solution offers the convenience of multiple check-in locations and unattended self-badging capabilities with a built in consumables alerting system, ensuring the credentialing system is never down.  Stand-alone or countertop models available.

Software solution features:

  • Remote monitoring provides network visibility on all entrances
  • Staff email alerts of entry activity, providing real-time functionality / maintenance notifications
  • Client portal access to manage the interface and peripherals of every device in network
  • Capability to accommodate any Vendor Credentialing Database Service (VCDS) including Reptrax and Vendor Credentialing Services (VCS)

Facility benefits:

  • Reduces labor costs by eliminating expensive staffing stationed at all check-in locations
  • Provides cost-effective delivery with minimal maintenance or intervention requirement
  • Provides proof of vendor check-in compliance
  • Ensures access point availablility, providing a simple, unattended compliance mechanism