Bill Payment

Bill Payment Kiosks

Reduce Transaction Costs and Increase Efficiency

KIOSK’s has extensive bill payment platform design choices and full feature bill payment software that can be easily customized for any automated payment environment. With over 10,000 units in the field (AT&T, Verizon, TIO…), KIOSK has an impressive track record with in-store reliability and mission-critical field service performance, supporting millions of transactions / month.

In-store bill payment offers the following Deployer benefits:

  • Improved and automated services to un-banked and cash-preferred clients (multilingual options). Secure, encrypted debit / credit, and cash options.
  • Increased sales productivity of store associates, driving higher per-store daily sales.
  • Reduced transaction costs, accelerating ROI with each payment.
  • Bill payment transactions facilitated in less than two minutes, improving service efficiency and revenue recognition rates.
  • Reduced human error and reconciliation costs, for increased accuracy and higher throughput.
  • Layered sales and informational application options provide Deployers with additional profitable platform features.

Download the Bill Payment Solution Brochure for itemized software features and platform options.


Loyalty Kiosks

Acquire and Retain Loyal Customers

Per the Journal of Consumer Marketing, loyalty program members visit a business twice as often and increase spending by a factor of four (on average).  Kiosk automation of loyalty enrollment influences in-store buying behaviors while keeping labor costs minimized. Loyalty programs facilitate:

  • Increased customer spending through targeted merchandise promotions, complementary item cross-sell suggestions, and presentation of high-margin items.  
  • Easy collection of accurate long-term customer data, providing valuable communication and feedback tools.  Programs provide actionable data to anticipate, measure, and reward individual buying behaviors.
  • Convenient in-store customer sign up, delivering timely coupon incentives; targeted notices of upcoming promotions, sales, and events.

Engaging customers in a loyalty program makes smart business sense for retailers committed to serving their customers and achieving revenue goals.  Modular KIOSK applications can be layered to support compatible application functionality for even better ROI.

Gift Card

Gift Card Kiosk Machines

KIOSK is proud to feature the new Ideas & Innovations Gift Card Platform.  This feature-rich platform dramatically transforms the gift card buying experience far beyond traditional end-caps.  For consumers, it provides advanced features to independently drive gift card transactions, eliminating register wait time and limited selection.  For retailers, the kiosk helps streamline operations, drive category revenue, and eliminate activation errors.

Using a simple and intuitive “Browse & Buy” interface, customers can:

  • Purchase a deep assortment of participating third-party cards, enjoying superior selection and virtual stock
  • Activate, personalize, and print in seconds
  • Consolidate, exchange, and re-load cards (works with both store-specific “closed” cards and “open” gift cards from major payment networks like Visa, MC, etc.)
  • Get instant transaction confirmation (both sender and recipient)

Further, the overhead monitor is equipped with sophisticated consumer attribute recognition software, enabling the kiosk to present consumers with cards likely to appeal to their age and demographic. 

Ideas & Innovations provides turnkey programs with either self-contained or retailer API connectivity.  Trusted backend applications ensure reliable services and secure transactions. 

Endless Aisle

Endless Aisle Kiosks

Endless Aisle applications provide deep virtual inventory options for customers, while expanding store revenues for Retailers. The sales platform provides invaluable tools to boost both customer service and store profits.  

  • Kiosks provide virtually limitless inventory SKU selection, providing a better customer experience and in-store close ratio.
  • Virtual product presentation cuts inventory carrying costs and steep "brick and mortar" expansion expenses.
  • Facilitates presentation of oversized / specialty order items, and out-of-stock inventory.
  • Provides Sales Associates with guided selling tools and access to rich libraries of product specs, video, and the best resources to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Enables customers to independently check inventory status, pricing, product information or place orders (store or home delivery).

On average, KIOSK Endless Aisle Deployers report a 1-3% boost in overall store revenues; a higher conversion rates on big ticket items, and up to a 35% lift in secondary purchases when picking up ship-to-store orders.

Solution platforms can readily support compatible KIOSK application functionality (loyalty enrollment, targeted promotions, mobile couponing) for enhanced ROI.

Cabela's Video
Cabela's Video
Order Entry

Self-Service Ordering Kiosks

Boost Sales & Confidence

Retailers are leveraging order entry self-service platforms to improve the customer experience, reduce transaction costs and boost sales revenues. Kiosk ordering can be combined with menu / queue digital signage and complementary applications (loyalty, recipes, and promotions) to transform repetitive order processes into more efficient and profitable transactions.

  • Consistent presentation of sales, promotions, and up-sell prompts combine to increase departmental revenue. Results from a 200-store self-service grocery chain deployment cited:
    • 33% higher spend rate per order
    • 3% increase in department order sales volume
  • Labor and transaction cost savings are realized through improved order management flow and independent sales transactions.

Integrating in-store kiosks and digital signage with smart phone apps can substantially facilitate retail ordering habits, departmental spending, and store flow / service times. 

Solution platforms can readily support compatible KIOSK application functionality (loyalty enrollment, targeted promotions, mobile couponing) for enhanced ROI.

Cabela's Endless Aisle Application
Cabela's Endless Aisle Application