Why Self-Service is Hospitality’s New Normal

Woman walking into a hotel room

The hospitality industry has gone through a transformational phase over the past three years. During this phase caused by a global pandemic, hoteliers have had to navigate their businesses with more uncertainty than usual and adapt their approach to everything from operations and hiring to technology and marketing. One of the biggest issues facing hoteliers today is the current labor shortage and its impact on customer experiences. 97% of hotels report staffing shortages is a top concern. While customer experience is important to most businesses, it is a critical part of the success formula in the hospitality industry. The decrease in available employees means that customers are having diminished experiences which could impact a hotel’s reputation, return visits and more.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Thankfully, the hospitality industry has become increasingly digital and data-driven over the past three years to help support remaining employees and provide a quality guest experience despite current obstacles. As guests plan “revenge travel”, rushing to hotels and resorts, let’s explore the ways the self-service tech can drive a successful and profitable summer surge with limited staff.

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