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Hospitality Kiosks

Leverage technology to provide consistent excellence in guest services.

Hospitality Kiosks Overview

With labor shortages becoming more common, the need to automate processes in the hospitality industry is becoming a crucial component to the continuity of operations. KIOSK has helped restaurants and hotels fulfill this need for automation while enhancing the customer experience with hotel check-in and order entry kiosks.

Hospitality Applications

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Technology to Automate Guest Services

The US is suffering from a substantial labor shortage, with the hotel industry being hit particularly hard. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that this sector has about 300,000 fewer workers than pre-pandemic. Automation of hotel check-in helps properties provide necessary services regardless of staffing or time of check-in.

Check-in Solutions
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Restaurant Kiosk Solutions to Drive Efficiency and Profitability

Government data and business-owner polls suggest that the restaurant industry is being hardest hit by the labor shortage. In a recent poll by Alignable of small and medium-sized business owners, 85% of restaurant owners said it was “very difficult” to find staff. Only 3% said they weren’t struggling to hire (Business Insider). Leveraging technology to automate self-ordering is a mainstream solution to maintaining optimized guest service levels.

Order Entry Kiosks

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