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KIOSK Information Systems
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Self-Checkout Kiosk Solutions

Traditional and camera vision self-checkout solutions

Image of customer checking out at neighborhood grocery or convenience store

Self-Checkout Overview

Self checkout is one of the most-used self-service solutions on the market currently. Once only seen in the “express lanes” of grocery stores, self checkout has expanded to big-box stores, clothing retailers, and more. Polls show that 73% of shoppers prefer self-checkout over staffed checkout lines, and 85% of Gen Z consumers use self-checkout when available. In addition to offering a convenient option for consumers, retailers benefit from a faster checkout experience with less staff overhead. Beyond traditional retail, self checkout can be a convenient addition to sports venues, movie theaters, and pantry areas at hotels.

A computer vision self checkout terminal sits on a countertop next to a kiosk. A tray under the terminal contains an apple, a can of soda, and a paper cup.

Camera Vision Self Checkout

Ideal for cafeterias, entertainment venues, or anywhere non-barcoded items are sold, this innovative solution brings the convenience of self-checkout to new locations. Advanced cameras are programmed to recognize in-stock items at the retail location. Customers simply place the items they’re purchasing under the camera, and those items are added to the checkout screen; no barcode scanning needed. Once items are recognized, the customer continues to payment with cash, card, or contactless payment.

This solution has been designed as an added value layer. It can be integrated with your current software stack: POS, ERP, loyalty platforms, etc.

Value Drivers

Versatile, touchless, autonomous checkout for retail pop-up shops, grab n’ go, and micro markets enable greater convenience and ameliorate staffing shortages. Texture aware AI technology performs better than state of the art for both plated and packaged food items.

  • Quick convergence networks that can work with Autonomous Training Box to onboard items at scale
  • Safe and easy checkout increasing velocity of checkout and overall throughput
  • Low footprint AI engines quickly and accurately recognize items during scan
  • Up-sell, cross-sell, and loyalty programs capabilities to boost sales

Product Features

For retail operators, vision self-checkout advances unattended automation providing both cost and operational efficiencies. The onboarding process, which includes a database build of the product inventory, leverages AI. As the product imaging is repeated over time during the onboarding and purchasing experience, AI learning accelerates the processing time resulting in a faster checkout.

Features of the touchless Vision Checkout kiosk solution:

  • Reliable and efficient checkout kiosk with data analytics
  • Products scanned by Computer Vision (CV) technology and identified for Point of Sale processing
  • Swipe or tap-to-pay payment device for simplicity and touchless option
  • 24 x 7 x 365 availability
A self checkout kiosk with credit card reader.

Barcode Self Checkout

For retailers that sell barcoded products, KIOSK offers a low footprint cashless self checkout model. The barcode scanning self-checkout platform can be integrated with existing checkout software or used with KIOSK-authored checkout software. This checkout platform is ideal for convenience stores and bodegas, hotel lobby snack pantries, or anywhere consumers need to make quick and convenient purchases.

Value Drivers

  • Alleviate staffing shortages with additional checkout lanes
  • Improve the customer experience – 73% of shoppers prefer self checkout
  • 24/7/365 availability

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