7 Reasons to Invest in Contactless Check-In Systems

Healthcare Patient Check-In Kiosk

According to a recent report, 73% of customers believe that valuing their time is one of the key things businesses need to do to deliver a positive experience. The same article also found that 67% of customers would prefer to help themselves rather than talk to a service rep. Contactless check-in offers a means of adapting to these trends and better serving your audience. 

Here’s everything you need to know about contactless check-in. 

What Is Contactless Check-In?

This technology allows customers to register for services or notify staff that they have arrived without interacting with an employee. Instead, they can use an electronic check-in system, such as a kiosk, to complete this process. 

The check-in booth has software that is integrated with the company’s other digital tools. For instance, a guest check-in system at a hotel will be linked to the establishment’s property management system. Conversely, a check-in system for business purposes may allow customers to view products, compare options, and explore equipment packages. 

How Do Contactless Check-In Kiosks Work?

A kiosk machine represents the most efficient check-in and check-out system. Customers don’t have to download apps or use their own devices. Instead, they can walk up to the kiosk-based digital check-in system, complete the desired task, and go about their day. 

Each industry that uses these solutions has its own unique variation of the customer check-in system. For instance, hotels with digital check-in machines may allow guests to print room keys, pay fees, or purchase upgrades, like a spa pass. 

Other businesses may use contactless check-in kiosks to facilitate loyalty program enrollment, peruse local attractions, or arrange for transportation. Regardless of how you use these systems, the key is seamlessly integrating them into your existing workflows. When you do that, you’ll create a faster and more efficient customer experience.  

7 Reasons to Invest in Digital Check-In Systems

Here are seven great reasons to use contactless check-in at your business.

1. Improve the Guest Experience

Keeping customers happy is your top priority regardless of your industry. Happy customers are loyal customers. 

Adding kiosks and digital check-in solutions can streamline the client journey. They can access information on their terms, avoid waits, and get tasks completed faster. 

2. Reduce Wait Times

During busy hours, your staff may struggle to keep up with the surge of guests that walk through the door. Using kiosks can help reduce wait times by expediting check-in and payment processes. Guests can pay tabs, print room keys, register for their appointments, and much more. 

3. Lower Costs

A contactless checkpoint can fill the void in your workforce, thereby offering long-term savings. A single kiosk can replace multiple front desk workers, saving you tens of thousands in annual wages and benefits payments. You’ll also reduce the costs associated with lost opportunity, as you can prevent customers from getting frustrated and walking out of your business. 

4. Increase Efficiency

Integrating check-in systems with your other business software allows you to create a seamless workflow that maximizes visibility and efficiency. You can reroute resources and employees to other, more valuable tasks. 

Ease Staff Workload

Workforce continuity is key to business success. Through the use of contactless check-in solutions, you can decrease the burden on your team and help prevent absenteeism and attrition. 

Over time, these benefits will promote better morale and also reduce your hiring and recruiting costs. Most importantly, you will have the staff necessary to meet customer needs when they require personalized support. 

Gather Customer Insights

Kiosks and other check-in solutions also serve as valuable data collection tools. You can learn about your customers through point-of-use surveys and questionnaires. Once you get a feel for what you are doing right and what needs to improve, you can make strategic upgrades to enhance the customer experience. 

Upsell Offers 

Check-in stations are also a great opportunity for upselling. You can present users with the latest deals, discounts, and product or service offerings to entice them to buy more. The end result is higher order volume and larger ticket totals. 

Incorporating Customer Check-In Systems Into Your Business

Installing innovative solutions is a great first step to better business efficiency. However, if you want to make the most of these new tools, you need to:

  • Notify customers that you offer self-service tools
  • Install signage to direct users to your kiosks
  • Ensure the software is user-friendly
  • Provide instructions via email to help customers use the systems

Be proactive and encourage clients to take advantage of your kiosks. Informing them that you’ve installed self-service platforms, providing simple usage instructions, and investing in high-quality software will maximize user adoption and accelerate your time to value. 

Contactless Check-In With KIOSK

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