Join KIOSK At NRF 2024

Join KIOSK At NRF 2024

See the latest in self-service technology for retail

The KIOSK team is excited to be heading back to New York City for the National Retail Federation’s 2024 trade show – Retail’s Big Show. Meet us at booth #4247 to see the latest in self-service technology for retail, including solutions for self-service returns, buy online/pickup in-store, retail safety cabinets, and more. Preview our solutions below, and schedule a meeting with the KIOSK team to learn how self-service solutions can work for your retail application.

Retail Returns Kiosks

Returning to the KIOSK booth in 2024 is the retail returns kiosk, in partnership with Inmar Post Purchase Solutions. This innovative solution has already seen nationwide deployment, and is poised to revolutionize the retail industry with wider adoption.

Returning purchases can be a hassle for customers, especially when adding an extra layer of complication of returning online purchases in-store. The retail returns solution makes customer returns a streamlined package-free and label-free process so customers can quickly drop off items for return, and get on with their day.

Customers love the convenience of automated returns, and retailers benefit from deploying returns kiosks too. A returns kiosk can process many returns before needing attention from store employees, freeing up staff for other crucial tasks. And when customers return online purchases in store, they’re likely to continue shopping and make an additional purchase.

Be sure to check-out our new through-wall returns kiosk, making its debut at NRF 2024. This iteration of the returns kiosk provides an integrated in-store look and a more spacious return bin, requiring less frequent employee interaction.

Watch our video to see how the retail returns solution can benefit retailers and customers.

BOPIS Package Location

Buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS) options took off during the 2020 pandemic and the trend appears to be here to stay. It’s easy to see why – BOPIS combines the convenience of online shopping with the instant gratification of shopping in store.

The iClip package location solution, in partnership with Position Imaging, makes BOPIS a totally automated process for the customer. Rather than having to wait for a store employee to retrieve the purchased item, the customer simply scans their confirmation QR code at the kiosk, and a clip lights up to direct the customer to the correct bag.

As BOPIS continues to grow in popularity, the iClip package location solution provides a seamless customer experience.

Retail Safety Station

The KIOSK team is excited to show the Retail Safety Station in partnership with Response Point Technologies for the first time at NRF. This new solution provides life-saving first aid supplies such as tourniquets and a defibrillator in an interior cabinet and can display important public safety information on large screens in case of emergency.

During day-to-day usage, the eye-catching screens can be used for digital advertisements or to display wayfinding information.

With options for indoor and outdoor use, Retail Safety Stations are an important addition for malls, shopping centers, or anywhere crowds gather.

Cash to Card Kiosks

A freestanding cash to card kiosk

Cash handling is expensive for business owners and prone to human error. Cash payments slow down transactions times, leading to longer wait times in checkout lines. More and more businesses are opting to eliminate cash transactions.

While digital payments are more popular than ever, a significant portion of the population either does not have access to a bank account, or simply prefers to use cash. A cash to card kiosk allows users to load cash onto a pre-paid card in a quick transaction, and makes it possible for retailers to go cash-free without losing customers.

KIOSK Integration Exchange

This groundbreaking platform empowers third-party developers and technology partners to seamlessly integrate advanced features and applications into Kiosk’s market-leading self-service platform.

The Kiosk Integration Exchange serves as a centralized hub, fostering collaboration and innovation among developers, enabling them to enhance the capabilities of Kiosk’s self-service platform. By facilitating the integration of third-party applications, technology partners can leverage this marketplace to provide value-added capabilities, extending the usable life and maximizing the return on investment for purpose-built kiosk solutions.

Key Features of the Kiosk Integration Exchange:

  • Extended Usable Life: Kiosk Information Systems, Inc. is revolutionizing the self-service landscape by enabling Kiosk operators to evolve their kiosk fleets throughout their lifecycle. This extension of usable life enhances the return on investment for purpose-built kiosk solutions.
  • Versatile Capabilities: With the Kiosk Integration Exchange, technology partners can offer a myriad of value-added capabilities on top of Kiosk’s market-leading self-service platform. This versatility allows kiosk operators to adapt to evolving business needs and support a diverse range of use cases.
  • Seamless Integration with HIM: Leveraging Kiosk Information Systems Inc.’s existing Hardware Integration Module (HIM), the platform ensures adaptability and flexibility for applications. This minimizes costly changes for integration and mitigates concerns about hardware obsolescence.
  • Maximized Value: By enabling capabilities to be utilized by a Kiosk fleet throughout its lifecycle, Kiosk Information Systems, Inc. is maximizing the value of kiosk hardware. Kiosk operators can evolve their fleets with new capabilities, staying at the forefront of technological advancements.