Vision Self-Checkout Solution in partnership with UST

Touchless Self-Checkout

People want control of their time and greater flexibility, especially during checkout at convenience venues.

Schedules are tight and waiting in long lines just isn’t a sustainable option anymore, as more customers demand faster digital services. That’s why UST and KIOSK are partnering to offer more streamlined purchases utilizing a computer vision self-checkout kiosk solution.

Using this solution, customers can quickly self-checkout at convenience and department stores as well as cafes, delis, bakeries, and corporate cafeterias.  Customers simply place their items on the self-checkout kiosk; items are identified via camera vision and displayed on the kiosk screen, followed by a touchless purchase process. For retail operators, vision self-checkout advances unattended automation at convenience venues providing both cost and operationally efficiencies – with accuracy and consumer safety at its core.

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