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KIOSK Information Systems
woman and son using zoomaroo stroller kiosk in mall

Rental Self-Service Kiosk Solutions

Enable autonomous access to rental services for greater customer convenience, higher rental velocity and streamlined operations

bike rental kiosks

Automated retail rental solutions

Kiosks are the ideal solution for managing short-term rentals of items such as bicycles, scooters, automobiles, and more. They can be customized to meet a deployer’s need thanks to their modular design, enabling them to handle nearly any rental application. Features of a rental kiosk could include a customized user interface, payment transaction devices, rental asset access, and user authentication scanners. These kiosks are helping to meet demand both from organizations seeking to better manage labor costs and citizens seeking services that aid in short-distance transportation while being environmentally friendly.

Types of self-service rental kiosks:

woman and child using zoomaroo stroller kiosk
Rental Kiosks

Automated Retail Rental Kiosks

Automated rental kiosks are expanding in locations such as shopping malls, where parents can use a kiosk to rent carts and strollers for their children, or at grocery stores to rent carpet cleaners, as an example.

Key features of automated retail kiosk solutions include:

  • Customized user interface (kiosk, mobile application, or both)
  • Back-end integration to retailer’s POS / reporting systems
  • Hardware controls for rental asset access related kiosk components
  • Payment transaction components
  • User authentication scanning components (simple barcode / QR code, or biometric)
  • RFID sensors for intelligent, real-time tracking of rental assets (check-out, return, location)
  • RFID card-based rental release access (member application option)
BCycle solar powered kiosk
Bike Share Kiosks

Self-Service Bike Share Kiosks

Much of the growth in rental kiosks has been in bike-share applications. An automated rental platform provides a convenient and affordable transportation alternative to local commuters and tourists. Each bike is equipped with RFID tracking technology, enabling reliable inventory balancing throughout the city and easy user location services with smart phone apps.

Benefits of bike share kiosks include:

  • More than 1,000 cities around the world have bike-share programs
  • Bike-share users in New York City saved 493 tons of emissions over four years
  • Google Maps began including bike shares in its route recommendations in 2020
phones and accessories vending kiosk
Retail Vending Kiosks

Automated Retail Vending Kiosks

Kiosks are ideal for automated rental with the ability to support modular design, enabling them to support applications like vending. Features of a rental kiosk could include a customized user interface, payment transaction hardware, rental asset access related kiosk components, and user authentication scanners. KIOSK can adapt standard locker platforms for retail distribution, providing a simpler distribution venue than traditional vending machines.

Key features of locker-based vending include:

  • Windowed door panels to enable consumers to view product, or intentionally omitted for secure delivery of shrink-prone items (electronics, games, etc)
  • Fewer size and weight limitations with locker-based retail delivery than traditional coil or electronic vending
  • Modular and configurable door sizes to accommodate a wide variety of product size distribution needs
Woman using a Kiosk in an Ikea showroom.
Market Applications

Solutions for any industry

No matter the market, Kiosk applications enables digital transformation through automation platforms that are easy to use, adaptable and supported by end-to-end Managed Services using IoT real-time monitoring. Whether you need a solution for self check-in, automated returns, video conferencing or ticketing, KIOSK has a solution that transforms the customer experience.

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