Banyan Hills Technologies and KIOSK Information Systems Announce the Release of New Inventory Tracking Features

KNECT IoT Remote Management

The new features provide users with a flexible system for tracking the movement and count of inventory in a variety of self-service settings.

Banyan Hills Technologies and KIOSK Information Systems (“KIOSK”) announced the release of the newest set of inventory tracking features available in KNECT IoT, KIOSK’s self-service infrastructure monitoring platform developed in partnership with Banyan Hills.

The new features will provide users of KNECT IoT with a flexible system for tracking the movement and counts of inventory. Current implementations of this new inventory system include:

  • A car rental company using the system to track vehicle keys dropped off and picked up after-hours via smart lockers
  • A self-storage company using the system to track inventory and sales of locks sold through vending machines
  • A luggage cart company using the system to track inventory of carts at self-service concession stands

In addition to the inventory tracking capabilities, the software monitors infrastructure for self-service machines, including hardware, software and network connections. If KNECT IoT detects a problem, it will send an alert and begin remediation steps that are programmed via an easy-to-use automation engine.  

Plus, KNECT IoT is able to perform remote actions such as rebooting a machine, querying a network for peripherals, and even opening a smart locker.

KNECT IoT, available to KIOSK customers via KIOSK’s Support Service packages, is a full service offering powered by CanopyTM, Banyan Hills Technologies’ remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform. The companies have worked together for several years, combining the Canopy’s ingenuity with KIOSK’s expertise, to build a solution designed to improve operations and machine uptime for KIOSK customers in the self-service automation industry.

“I am proud of the partnership that we’ve built with KIOSK and the shared value that our work is bringing to our customers,” said Steve Latham, CEO and founder of Banyan Hills Technologies. “This new set of features provides owners and operators of unattended self service solutions with improved inventory tracking, benefitting their operations and removing the need to track inventory physically. Our collaboration with KIOSK continues to help the industry become more efficient.” 

KNECT IoT is available for many types of kiosks and other unattended retail units utilizing Android, Windows and Linux operating systems.

The KNECT IoT portal, powered by Canopy, provides users with an overview of their self-service network including key performance indicators (KPI’s) tailored specifically for each customer’s unique self-service deployment. For instance, error conditions such as low printer paper and malfunctioning bill dispensers trigger alerts that can be acted upon quickly to maximize the kiosk’s uptime.

In addition, administrators can set up user roles and permissions to prevent or grant access to different parts of the platform.

“Having the ability to actively monitor and streamline work flow efforts across a fleet of automated self-service products has enabled KIOSK to maximize the functionality of dispersed infrastructure and ensure the integrity of our customer’s business objectives,” said Kim Kenney, CEO of KIOSK Information Systems. “KNECT IoT enhances KIOSK’s solution offering by providing a uniquely valuable layer to the entire vertically integrated self-service solution lifecycle, beyond design and manufacturing through to deployment and implementation.”

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