KIOSK Information Systems Celebrates Company’s 30th Anniversary

KIOSK Information Systems Celebrates Company’s 30th Anniversary

Louisville, Co – KIOSK Information Systems (KIOSK) will celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary on October 29, 2023. Over the past three decades, KIOSK has built a reputation for quality and innovation in the self-service industry, working with multiple Fortune 500 companies and Top 100 Retailers to enable digital transformations across industries.

Our people are the backbone of our company, and KIOSK is proud to have more than 75 employees who have been with the company for five years or more, and many who have been employed at KIOSK for over two decades. The longevity of our staff speaks to the depth of experience and industry knowledge KIOSK offers to customers.

KIOSK was founded in 1993 by Rick Malone, an engineer who focused on hardware design. Over the last 30 years our in-house capabilities and service/solution offerings have evolved immensely.
From our beginnings as a hardware design shop, KIOSK has added installation and field services, customer support, in-house fabrication, software development, in-house UL certification services, and more, establishing KIOSK as a full-service solution provider able to support every aspect of a successful kiosk deployment.

Posiflex Technology, Inc., a global leader in point-of-sale technology, became KIOSK’s parent company in 2016. Joining the Posiflex family of companies provided KIOSK global strength to KIOSK’s portfolio, with manufacturing sites in Taiwan and Germany in addition to KIOSK’s Louisville, Colorado headquarters. Incorporating self-sourced Posiflex screens and components in our kiosks ensures that each unit is equipped with components that are designed to withstand daily public use for years.

Over the years, KIOSK has built a deep portfolio of self-service solutions. From our very first kiosk placements, to our automated returns kiosk now deployed in retail locations across the U.S., KIOSK has been a leader in self-service innovation. As of 2023, we can proudly boast over 300,000 kiosks deployed in the field.

Our decades of experience are the foundation from which KIOSK will continue to innovate in hardware, software, and engineering design solutions for years to come. Cheers to thirty years, and here’s to many more!