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Live Expert Kiosk Solutions

According to a recent Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) insight article, The Newest Trends in Telehealth in 2020, telehealth is positioned for skyrocketing adoption.  “Providers want a solution to administrative burdens, barriers to care, and lack of visibility into patients’ healthcare stories.  Telehealth offers cost savings, higher productivity, less ‘windshield time’ driving between locations, better work-life balance and other benefits – all of which accelerate adoption. In turn, major healthcare networks are responding to pressure to increase telehealth reimbursement.”  With the Coronavirus fueling trends already in motion, KIOSK is prepared to answer a surge in this self-service category demand.

To deliver a complete telehealth kiosk solution, KIOSK has partnered with ClairVista, a leading developer of converged VoIP, voice, video / data collaboration and conferencing applications.  The combined solution of Compunetix Video Call Center™ (VCC) with digital kiosks enables healthcare facilities and insurance providers to provide patients with instant, face-to-face access to expert help related to their health and medical billing questions.  This digital approach to patient care is becoming a preferred mode of communication, providing real-time virtual healthcare assistance.

Live Help Kiosk Functions

Government Application

Live Expert is used by government services such as police departments, DMVs and municipal courts to provide better access for customers and safer service interaction. Kiosks at partner locations also reduce customer density and wait times at government offices. Virtual on-demand staffing improved efficiency by making agents available to any location where customers need help.

Travel, Hospitality and Education

Companies like Hertz, Discount Car & Truck, Pleasant Holidays, and ASEQ use Live Expert kiosks to create points of presence at partner locations. Virtual on-demand staffing reduces cost of operations while still providing face-to-face customer service. Live consultations significantly increase customer conversion and purchases.

Professional Services and Support

Staples Canada uses Live Expert kiosks to provide graphic design and digital marketing services. Intuit uses Live Expert kiosks to provide support services to its employees worldwide. Live Expert system is equipment agnostic, so can run on off-the-shelf computers and tablets as well as full kiosks.

Software Features

  • Custom menu options and workflow
  • Agent-assisted and self-service option
  • Multi-language support
  • On-demand video chat support
  • Secure encrypted data transport
  • Cloud-based updates and administration

Solution Features

Automated Patient Check-In Kiosk platforms increase convenience, allowing patients to self- identify upon arrival at the facility; view and confirm record data and insurance information, electronically sign consent documents, and make payments.

All information entered during the patient flow is seamlessly integrated into the Healthcare Organization’s (HCO) back-end system. This helps to reduce administrative costs for the organization associated with incomplete or wrong records. Additionally, the built-in credit card reader ensures up-front customer payment to decrease collections overhead.

Patient-Facing Kiosk Functions

  • Digital appointment check-in for a streamlined and higher quality patient experience
  • Secure patient identification, ensuring full HIPAA compliance
  • Real time demographics verification to ensure records and collection accuracy
  • Real time eligibility check, providing an early administrative verification point
  • Consent form viewing and e-signature for efficient and accurate digital records
  • Outstanding balance and co-pay collection at the onset of the appointment
  • Alert notifications
  • Facility center directions
  • Prescription refill ordering

Healthcare Kiosk Management Tools

  • Search and view currently checked-in patients
  • Manage and address configuration and workflow
  • Read kiosk usage statistics
  • Customizable user interface content
  • Define terms of rules based workflow


Automated patient check-in provides several direct benefits to patients as well as the hospital, clinic, and health care providers, simultaneously improving service and reducing costs.

HCO Efficiency Benefit

  • Save significant hours of Staff Time per day, thus improving the bottom line
  • Reduce administrative paperwork
  • Improve revenue cycle visibility and management
  • Better control on Patient Queue management
  • Fully secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Enhanced communications efficiency
  • Allow for quality of care to be a primary focus

Patient Satisfaction Benefits

  • Uniform user interface across multiple sub-providers, eliminating duplicate steps
  • Simple and streamlined check-in process
  • Ability to self-manage and update account information, sign forms, and make payments
  • Easy to Use Touch Screen technology
  • Improvement in Patient Privacy
  • Improved Quality of Care