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Endless Aisle Kiosks

Supplement in-store inventory with virtual stock.

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Endless Aisle Solutions Overview

Endless aisle kiosks are helping to change the face of retail. An endless aisle kiosk lets a merchant offer the same amount of merchandise as a major department store or big-box retailer, but in a much smaller footprint. Operators can keep their most popular items on hand while letting customers shop for additional items via an interactive kiosk. They simply place their order at the kiosk and have it delivered to their home or the store for easy pickup.

Attributes of Endless Aisle Kiosks

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Value Drivers

For the customer, benefits of an endless aisle kiosk include the ability to shop for a vast array of products at their favorite store, with a sales associate nearby if needed. For the retailer, benefits include lower overhead by not having to pay for the extra square footage, and higher sales by capturing those customers who might have otherwise gone to a competitor.

With endless aisle kiosks, consumers can:

  • Browse a retailer’s entire catalog
  • Purchase items not in the physical inventory
  • Have those items shipped to their homes

Endless aisle kiosks combine the best of brick-and-mortar retail with the convenience of online shopping. They are particularly well suited to retailers with a wide variety of bulky inventory, like sporting goods, furniture, and fixtures.

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Product Featuers

Endless aisle kiosks enable more profitable and efficient operations for the retailer by helping to increase sales and expand product lines. The kiosks help capture impulse sales even if the item they seek isn’t in the on-site inventory. Items purchased via an endless aisle kiosk can be sent from a location with an abundant supply or shipped directly from the warehouse. And presenting a catalog via an interactive touchscreen lets retailers add full-motion video or splashy effects while at the same time helping to reduce the printing and mailing costs associated with a paper catalog.

Features of an endless aisle kiosk include:

  • Easy item search via the kiosk’s interactive touchscreen
  • Delivery information can be entered using an attached keyboard
  • Customers can pay directly at the kiosk

Endless aisle kiosks are enabling brick-and-mortar retailers and online merchants alike to operate in a minimum of floor space. Let us help you better understand how an endless aisle kiosk can benefit your business.

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Market Applications

Solutions for any industry

No matter the market, Kiosk applications enables digital transformation through automation platforms that are easy to use, adaptable and supported by end-to-end Managed Services using IoT real-time monitoring. Whether you need a solution for self check-in, automated returns, video conferencing or ticketing, KIOSK has a solution that transforms the customer experience.

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