Enhancing the Digital Dining Experience with Kiosks

Enhancing the Digital Dining Experience with Kiosks

According to a recent industry report, the global kiosk market will reach $30.8B by 2024, thanks mainly to the shift in QSRs toward self-service technology. And it’s no surprise – consumers have an increasing expectation for brands to create fluid and streamlined experiences across digital channels for service delivery. This demand is driving tech-savvy restaurant brands to incorporate alternative solutions into their digital ecosystems to increase order-value, convenience, and accessibility. The benefits of kiosk technology solutions make it clear why top-tier brands are incorporating self-service into their everyday customer experience solutions.

And while consumers are accustomed to a rapidly evolving technological presence, their appetite for restaurant industry adoption must follow suit. With this in mind, Hathway and KIOSK Information Systems partnered to generate a survey to better understand consumer attitudes and behaviors towards self-service kiosks in the QSR marketplace. From this survey, insights into the purchasing behavior were gleamed and transformed into this QSR digital customer journey infographic to show how digital technology like kiosks are enabling an improved customer experience and what this means to the bottom line for restaurant operators.

As you develop your 2020 and beyond omnichannel strategy for QSR growth, leverage this infographic to better understand the digital customer journey in QSR and the self-service technology options to enable digital transformation. For more information or questions, please contact us and we can discuss your unique business goals to help drive QSR growth.

Authored by Anne Guenther, Global Partner Program Manager
KIOSK Information Systems