Beyond Check-In: Additional Self-Service Opportunities for Hotels

Beyond Check-In: Additional Self-Service Opportunities for Hotels

Hotels with self check-in have been growing in popularity for several years, as guests have come to expect high-tech connected experiences during their hotel stay. However, self-service automation can be used to create an exceptional guest experience throughout the entire hotel stay – not just at check-in and check-out time.

Many hotels have not yet taken advantage of the full spectrum of available self-service solutions to support hotel staff and create memorable stays for guests. Integrated automation can increase revenue by adding visibility and convenience to additional amenities like retail, spa services, and restaurants. Read on to find out how hotels can leverage self-service technology to enhance the guest experience and support hotel staff beyond the front desk.

Retail Self-Checkout

Convenience stores and grab-and-go pantries are an excellent way for hotels to increase revenue and create a welcoming environment for guests. They are especially convenient in sprawling suburban areas where guests would otherwise need to drive to the nearest shop.

However, a negative checkout experience can quickly turn these stores from a convenient addition to another hassle. Hotel pantries rarely have a full-time clerk, instead requiring guests to complete their purchase at the front desk. Adding a self-checkout kiosk gives guests a quick and easy way to purchase items, without having to wait in line.

Spa and Wellness Services

At luxury hotels with on-site spas, kiosks offer a convenient way for guests to browse spa menus and book services. Booking applications can be added to guest check-in kiosks, or separate kiosks can be deployed in front of the spa entrance. Real-time availability makes it easy for guests to book last-minute appointments or choose their preferred provider.

Order Entry & Dining Reservations

Hotels that offer cafes and dining services can benefit from adding kiosks for food order entry to their self-service offerings. These self-service applications are especially impactful when integrated into an in-room self-service station, allowing guests to fully customize their order while getting ready for the day, so it’s ready for pickup on their way out the door. Guests can also enter orders for room service.

Digital Signage & Wayfinding

Digital Signage is an excellent way for hotels to communicate special events and promotions in an eye-catching and dynamic format. Existing kiosks can be leveraged to display digital signage while not in use, and additional displays can be impactful anywhere guests find themselves waiting – like elevators and lobbies.  

Wayfinding kiosks are an excellent addition to large resort-style hotels. Guests can use dynamic maps to find their way to amenities like pools, restaurants, and fitness centers, and can even text themselves directions for step-by-step guidance.


As guests begin to expect more integrated technology in their hotels, the addition of self-service applications throughout the stay can greatly improve the guest experience. Self-service solutions make amenities like retail, spas, and restaurants more visible to guests, potentially increasing usage, while digital signage and wayfinding support branding efforts and improve the overall guest experience.

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