Retail Return Kiosk – FAQs

A self-service return kiosk

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our retail returns kiosk. Want to learn more? Visit our retail returns kiosk page.

When the kiosk is full, an LED light at the top of the kiosk flashes red and the screen provides a status message to the next customer, letting them know the kiosk needs to be emptied before the next return. Depending on the volume of returns, some locations will only need to be emptied once or twice in a day. Locations with a high volume of returns may need to be emptied more frequently (e.g. some stores regularly process over 200+ returns. The bin emptying process is very simple and takes an average of five minutes.

The fully integrated, ADA-compliant drop-box can accept returned items up to 11” x 14” x 18”.

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