Landmark Sports Betting Kiosk

The Landmark Series

Best-in-Class Sports Betting Terminals


The Landmark Series provides an inviting and modern form factor for sports betting applications. The terminal is designed to accommodate a full range of transactional components for automated sports betting (bill acceptor, printer, card reader, scanner, alarms, and more). The contemporary zero-bezel user interface is complemented with programmable ambient LED lighting to elevate the platform look and feel. This design has a front-opening door for easy component access and simple service / maintenance.

The Landmark Series makes it easy to automate guest services and keep demand serviced efficiently during peak hours, providing a user-friendly and cost-effective transaction. The 21.5” PCAP touch screens provide a brilliant user interface and on-screen interactions. The overhead display is intended to be utilized for complimentary advertising and media, supplementing the primary application interface.

Designed for ADA compliance, the Landmark Series provides universal guest services. See specifications for a full list of optional transaction components.

This sleek and modern platform has been well-received by global Sports Betting industry leaders.

Options & Specs

Base Model Includes

  • Powder-coated steel enclosure
  • 21.5” dual PCAP display/touchscreen
  • Industry-preferred PC
  • Color-programmable LED accent lighting
  • Speaker system
  • 110 / 220 VAC ready

Optional Components

  • 1200 note bill acceptor
  • Receipt printer
  • TITO printer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Insert / swipe card reader
  • Door and vault alarm

Enclosure Dimensions

  • 66.71″ High, 21.35″ Wide, 16.18″ Deep
  • Base Plate:  21.12″ Wide, 19″ Deep


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