KIOSK Recognized by CSG for Outstanding Partner Support of Digital Transformation Efforts

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DENVER | CSG® (NASDAQ: CSGS) today recognized KIOSK Information Systems (KIOSK) with its 2020 Outstanding Partner Performance of the Year Award. KIOSK is being recognized for its agility and ability to shift its operations to successfully support CSG to drive digital transformation efforts for its customers during a period of high demand and universal pandemic challenges.

“We are thrilled to receive this prestigious award and recognition,” said Eric Nebola, vice president of sales, KIOSK Information Systems. “Since 2007, we have evolved our strategic partnership with CSG and continue to enhance our collective capabilities through technical innovation and focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience.”

The 2020 CSG Outstanding Partner Performance of the Year Award recognizes a partner, that together with CSG, advances technology innovation and delivers outstanding customer service while driving business growth and transformation.

The partnership between KIOSK and CSG helps operators make payments easier for their customers by providing an end-to-end solution that digitally transforms their business models. The solution drives operational efficiency and personalization during the self-service experience, differentiating the customer experience by providing secure, scalable payment services, including:

  • Payments: Enables operators to accept traditional and emerging payments methods, including cash, contactless payments, credit, debit, EMV, EFT entry, and more.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By increasing accessibility and minimizing wait times, CSG Payment Kiosks drive a better user experience while supporting in-store employees to focus on making sales.
  • Improved Efficiency: CSG Payment Kiosks saves hundreds of thousands of manual labor hours annually, allowing operators to leverage digital services that improve operational efficiencies and enhance productivity.

“CSG is delighted to award KIOSK for its commitment to innovation and exceptional customer focus in support of the digital transformation efforts we drive on behalf of our customers,” said Ken Kennedy, chief operating officer and president of CSG’s Revenue Management and Digital Monetization solutions unit. “We look forward to growing our relationship with KIOSK to jointly evolve and extend the reach of our automated payments capabilities.”

Through its partnership with KIOSK, CSG has installed more than 2000 payment kiosks, responsible for processing over seven million annual transactions that have generated $1.4 billion in annual payments.

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