Good Cheer for the Approaching Returns Season

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The season of giving is upon us. And, as we know from experience, the season of returning is soon to follow. But be of good cheer, because GEODIS | City Delivery and KIOSK machine will keep merchandise returns frictionless, safe, and profitable even in this unprecedented season for retail.

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This holiday it’s predicted to be the busiest in e-commerce history, showing global sales reaching $4.2 trillion, comprising 16% of total retail sales for the year. Along with this boom in online shopping for the holidays, experts also forecast U.S. return delivery costs to reach up to $550 billion in 2020. In fact, the Reverse Logistics Association estimates that online purchases are three times as likely to be returned as opposed to in-store purchases, which translates to a proverbial avalanche of online returns. That alone is enough to make retailers shudder.

Obviously, the steep costs associated with this projected increase in returns will force retailers to focus on cost-effective solutions that are friction-free for customers. Retailers need to be strategic when modifying already-established merchandise returns processes. In short, e-commerce returns are a major concern, and some retailers are now pushing to find an efficient, cost-saving solution to help manage returns in a seamless and secure way.

Enter GEODIS | City Delivery and KIOSK

Some leading retailers have already discovered that locker and kiosk-based retail delivery accommodates a variety of product sizes. This also applies to merchandise returns, where self-service kiosk machines enable a variety of size and weight options for returned items.

This alliance provides a safe, efficient, and convenient way to handle returns. Self-service solution provider, KIOSK, provides automated returns kiosks allowing customers to quickly drop off returns without waiting in long lines.

In turn, GEODIS | City Delivery can sweep the returned items from these self-service kiosks and deliver them safely and securely to their final return destination, leveraging its strategic network of last-mile solutions. Knowing that GEODIS | City Delivery and its proven last-mile service will ensure the returned merchandise reaches its destination securely gives retailers peace of mind.

Automated self-service merchandise returns provide an important new leg in the customer journey, especially since 77% of consumers prefer to make their returns in-store. And since in-store traffic is expected to drop up to 25% in relation to COVID-19 safety concerns and restrictions, consumers are consolidating their in-store visits to be more quick and effective. At a time when retailers feel like they need to do even more to win and preserve consumer loyalty, the KIOSK/GEODIS | City Delivery solution demonstrates that it can help deliver immediate value.

Beyond managing the high demand last-mile delivery timelines, retailers also need to consider how they will build goodwill with customers during the reverse logistics process. Much like the contactless delivery solutions they are providing for shoppers this holiday season like Buy Online Pickup in Store (BOPIS) and curbside pickup, retailers also need to leverage innovative solutions to bridge the gap of the returns process. Returns are a critical part of the experience that retailers can elevate, automate, and prioritize now to manage ongoing ecommerce returns and inevitable seasonal spikes.

The KIOSK and GEODIS | City Delivery alliance makes the return process easy and accessible for all shoppers. Learn more about how GEODIS | City Delivery manages the entire reverse logistics process for their partners, from last-mile pickup through inventory processing and return to market.

Gina Anderson

Written by Gina Anderson

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