How Self-Service Solutions Can Drive QSR Gains Through Improved Customer Experience

Zoomed in image of individuals sitting at a table eating fries and burgers
QSR consumers have heightened digital expectations and restaurant operators struggle to keep pace. Consumers are increasingly savvy and expect a highly personalized experience, one that is consistent across channels. Each time a consumer is exposed to an improved digital experience (i.e., Amazon, Google), their expectations are reset to a new higher level. How can restaurant operators gain a QSR advantage in this digital transformation?

To better understand this growing trend, Hathway and KIOSK Information Systems developed an industry survey and white paper. Results from this survey provide insights into QSR purchasing behaviors and customer preferences that pinpoint which factors can actually improve the customer experience and help drive significant gains. For instance, survey results show consumer preference for self-service solutions like kiosks vs. cashier at QSRs, and how this differs by age demographics:

“78% say it is important that restaurants offer multiple ways for them to order their food, over half have recently ordered from a kiosk, and 40% actually prefer ordering from a kiosk over a cashier. These numbers skew higher for younger guests, with 75% of consumers under 30 having recently ordered from a kiosk and 60% of consumers under 45 preferring the self-service experience over ordering from a cashier.”

In addition to better understanding what consumers really want for their QSR experience, this survey captures what the cost and operational benefits are for restaurant operators in relation to self-service solutions. Benefits span from increased average order size to consumer loyalty / satisfaction and streamlined operations. It’s no surprise that more restaurant operators are deploying self-service solutions involving kiosks – especially as larger restaurants establish the business model to digitally transform thereby opening the market for other QSRs to take advantage of self-service solutions.

As you evaluate your omnichannel strategy for QSR growth, leverage this white paper to consider the key factors affecting your customer experience as well as the self-service technology options to enable digital transformation. For more information or questions, feel free to contact us and we can discuss your unique business goals to help drive QSR gains.

Authored by Anne Guenther, Global Partner Program Manager
KIOSK Information Systems